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Day 5: 60 is the new 30! Eileen's Whole 30 Adventure


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Well, here I am, a 61 year old grandmother, doing the Whole 30....Day 5 and compliant!  It was recommended to me by my chiropractor, when after nearly 3 months of treatment 3x a week, my body was still not healing itself.  It sounded impossible for me to do, but I'm discovering it's not.  Hard, yes.  Impossible, no.  The most difficult thing for me right now is the fatigue.  I work as a nanny and take care of a very active 19 month old boy, and by the end of the day I can barely put one foot in front of the other, never mind constantly hurting myself when I have to lift him or when he pulls on my arm or hand (my injury is neck related and affects my shoulders, arms, and back.  Also, my pelvis is all out of whack.)  My muscles feel fatigued, like even walking a short distance is a major effort.  I haven't been able to do much exercising (my bike sits in the hallway.)  I do some physical therapy at the chiropractors, and that's about it. And walking, but in the heat and humidity we are having now in Baltimore, I'm inside in the a/c more than outside walking.

I am fluctuating between the "where's the bed" and "I want to kill all the things" phases! LOL I understand the addictive power of sugar (I am a retired addictions counselor) ...that this is part of the withdrawal process...the edginess and depression will pass.  I hope.

So here's the deal...something happened when I hit the age of 60.  It was like...wow.  How much time do I really have left?  My sister, who is only 2 years older than I,  was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease at the age of 55 and is now in an assisted living facility.  Life is too short, there are no guarantees, and I just want to feel good and be as healthy as I can be.  AND....I want to get rid of this pain.

So today I will plug along. Don't expect to be soaring yet, but plug I will. I cooked last night so I will be prepared with food at work.  I baked some chicken breasts, roasted some root vegetables in olive oil, along with some sweet bell peppers.  I have carrots, zucchini, and some almonds and seeds in my purse, along with a couple of clementines. I think I'm good to go.

One thing I love to have in this hot, hot weather...I take some sparkling spring water, pour it into a very pretty glass, and then add a few pieces of frozen mango and pineapple.  So refreshing!  And it looks so pretty!  Pretty is important to me.

So onward and upward...day 5, here I come!

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Beginning Day 6 of total compliance.  This is amazing, unbelievable!  My physical pain is lessening. I'm beginning to understand that sugar is NOT my friend, nor is dairy.  And I no longer have any desire to eat grains. 

Wonder if it's normal to just not WANT to eat any of those foods any longer.  From what I've read, this may not last, but at the present time, sugar, grains, and dairy do NOT tempt me.  I walk by the formerly "yummy" foods at the market (my weakness is sugar, so I'm talking mostly the bakery) and feel a revulsion, rather that a craving.  I used to frequently grab a donut or piece of cake and now it just kind of makes me sick.  Blech.  Is this normal?

Another thing is that I'm super fuzzy headed.  Anyone know what I mean?  I don't recall reading about fuzzy headedness anywhere (maybe because I'm fuzzyheaded?)  But I've got this empty space between my ears these last couple of days and it seems to be taking me longer to do things...I feel mentally dull.  Hopefully, this will pass quickly!

OK, day 6. Lets get going!

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Wrapping up Day 6. Successful, but I'm so exhausted I'm thinking about bed already. And it's only 6:30 PM! I know the fatigue is part of it and I'm not going to fight it. Hopefully, it won't last much longer.

Cayce, what day are you on? I have a feeling that dairy is going to end up being my major issue as well. That, and sugar. I'm not craving anything except red meat...is that weird?

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Day 11!  I can't believe I made it this far!  I am feeling so much better...but last night I woke up every hour on the hour.  Don't know what that's about.  My re-exam at the chiropractor showed I have made significant progress and my pain is so much less it's almost crazy.  I'm a believer.  Seriously.

The last 2 days were challenging. For the first time I had major cravings for sugary treats.  One night I dreamed I was eating all the desserts at a cookout, and last night I dreamed about Marshmallow Fluff!  (I don't even like the stuff!)  I'm hoping that today the cravings will be less and that my brain will get the information that this is the way things are now and no, you are NOT getting any sugar today.

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Ive been looking for you. I too am (almost) 60. I am the Nonna of three adorable granddaughters.. I am petite and too heavy in my estimation. I want be healthier and live to see my girls grow up and remember them. I have no health issues that I am aware of but Alzheimers is in my immediate family. (Mom).

On Day 5 and I have been eating a lot of proteins, healthy fats, vegs I love, fruit has always been my favorite food. I have eaten the Fit for Life diet with alot of fruit. I do miss my fruit. I feel like I am eating alot and I have not noticed a change in body fat. I feel bloated. I will be patient however and trust the plan and my Lord to work in time.

Healthy fats- evoo, coconut oil, butter(claified), avocado

Proteins- chicken. beef, eggs, seafood

Vegs- all but watching starchy nightshades

Fruit- trying to eat fruit with a meal and not alone as a meal or snack

I do not miss grains at all except rice but have not indulged.

Sweets are no problem . I have switched to black coffee. And I like tea.

I am not physically active but enjoy the pool with my girls.

I am currently preparing for teacher recertification which keeps me busy and mentally active.

I hope we can help each other during the program.

Thanks for listening.

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Wow, we certainly do have a lot in common, right down to teacher certification training! I have retired from elementary school education but am now training to teach ESL. It's something I've wanted to do for a really long time and I'm quite excited about it!

I'm petite as well...5'2" and I've put on a whole bunch of weight over the past several years. I didn't start the Whole 30 to lose weight; never could have done it if that was my only motivation! But I had a neck injury and the pain was progressing and chronic pain is something I thankfully have never experienced...and I didn't like it one bit! Spending thousands on chiropractic and PT and my body was not responding. Thank God for my chiropractor who told me about this! It is working wonders and I am a believer. I'm half way through now...Day 15, and what's happening now is what I didn't expect to happen to me...as they say, the "magic" is kicking in...the Tiger Blood phase! My mood has improved. My energy level is off the charts. A friend yesterday complimented me on my skin (that never happens, ever...I've always had skin issues.) It's the best I've felt for a very, very long time. I've lost about 12 lbs but what I noticed that my body shape is changing, and I like that. But what I like the most is that my pain is nearly gone. Wow, huh?

So, my fellow grandmother, we are awesome, aren't we??? I am Nana to 2 beautiful brilliant kids...a boy and a girl, 5 and 6. (my daughter had them a year apart, almost to the day...Irish twins!) They are truly the joy of my life, and it's been an effort to keep up with them, but not any more! They are going to have a young active Nana to enjoy. And your grandkids will have a young, active Nonna!

One other thing we have in common, amazingly enough is Alzheimers in the family. My dear sister, who is only 2 years older than I, was diagnosed with early onset at the so very young age of 55.She is nearly 8 years into her diagnosis and declining very rapidly now. She was incredibly intelligent, a dedicated nurse, has a husband who loves her dearly, 2 great kids and 5 grandchildren whom she doesn't even know any longer. Her husband took care of her up until a few months back when he finally resigned himself to the fact that he was unable to do it any longer. Sad story, hope I didn't bring you down, but it's another reason I want to be healthy, mind, body, and soul. I believe they are connected. I even joined Lumosity to do daily brain training! I love it, it's quite challenging.

I have a bike I am unable to ride at this present time due to my neck and shoulder stuff. But you can bet I'll be back on it as soon as I can. Don't really do much else exercise wise...know I should at least walk but I don't on a regular basis.

SOOOOO glad you contacted me! Everyone on here just seems so young!! LOL Hope you will keep in touch and keep up the great work. Have you read about the phases? They are pretty accurate and it helped me to know that the weird things that were happening (like the dreaming) are normal.


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Just read my earlier entries and am so proud of how far I've come.  Yes, I am going to toot my own horn!!  Day 20!  I feel wonderful...have tons of energy, very little pain now, and my emotions are so positive I almost don't know what to do with all these good feelings!  Sometimes you don't realize how bad you really have been feeling until you begin to feel good. I've battled with depression for most of my life, and it seems like the depression is lifting.  Dare I even hope this could happen?  Just taking one day at a time, and loving this journey.

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Day 14 and doing very well. I can say I have a sense of well-being and I know I am on my way to abundant health. God does help those who help themselves.. I eat 3 meals and am satisfied. No snacking but occasionally an apple, cherries. or watermelon, pistachios (just a handfull) between lunch and dinner

Waiting for the AHA moment !Tiger Blood!

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