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Causes of obesity -- "food" for thought


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I happened upon an article this morning -- I followed a link from a Mother Jones piece -- and I found it extremely interesting.  I thought it might interest some people on the forums.


The article makes the case that causes of obesity are very complicated and are absolutely not just a function of how much you eat, or even what you eat or when you eat, etc.  (Many of us have heard much of this before, right? Thermodynamics strictly applied is bunk for explaining weight gain, etc. Think Taubes et al.)  


This article also mentions that laboratory animals have also grown markedly heavier in recent decades even with highly regulated diets.  It briefly explores the idea that obesity could have roots in environmental chemicals, in artificial light and a/c, and in viruses and bacteria -- in other words, there are many, many causes.  


For some people, this might be depressing, and reason to give up entirely.  For some, the idea that we or our kids might be 'permanently damaged' is dangerous terrain, so I would suggest not reading the piece if that idea worries you.  (For example, had I read this when pregnant, I would probably have freaked.)


But for some, I think it might be encouraging to reflect that in following W30/W9 principles, we are doing the best we can for our bodies and that expecting the "perfect" body -- or even obvious and dramatic change -- to follow might be unrealistic.  That is, modest results do not necessarily mean failure in us or in the program.  



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