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Day 13 - Going strong but having those crazy dreams!


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Hi everyone,


I'm new to the forum - but I wanted to get opinions. I've been doing the Whole 30 for 13 days now, going strong and feel good (luckily I was pretty paleo and wheat-free before this, so my day 2&3 weren't bad at all). I've looked at the Whole 30 timeline and laughed because it is dead on. The past few nights I have been having dreams where I (in the dream) overdose on wheat-bread-type foods! Last night it was bagels!


So my question is this - how long does this dream phase last? I've awakened a few times terrified that I'd have to start over because of [crackers, bagels, spaghettis, whatever]. Then I laugh when I realize it's a dream, but I'm just curious if anyone else was experiencing this, and how long it lasts?


I'm looking forward to continuing, and hoping for that "on top of the world" feeling that is also described!


Thanks for the input!



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