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Maple Syrup

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I make my own granola with it as a sweetener.  That way, I control the amount of sugar and the type of grains used.




I sometimes use the honey and sometimes not.  Subbed coconut syrup at times, too.  There are many other recipes out there like this and you can just tinker with them.


I use maple syrup with oil and bourbon to marinade salmon before grilling.   Also a marinade with coconut aminos/maple syrup/dijon mustard.  No amounts; just dump


Stir it into mashed butternut squash or sweet potato to your liking.  I have a great holiday sweet potato bake that is basically this:  cooked/mashed sweet potato, ghee, maple syrup, lemon juice, sea salt, eggs (2-4, depending on the amount of potato used).  Beat all together with hand mixer, put in baking dish, top with pecans and a little more butter or ghee (can add brown sugar) and bake at 350 for 30 mins.


Pour the syrup into the (clean) snow and lift out with a stick.  YUM


And, finally, SO GOOD:



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Oh, I forgot:  the ladies who come to the co-op and buy a gallon of the best maple syrup use it with cayenne pepper for a great fasting 'diet'.    



I believe there are lemons involved in this 'diet', no? I'll take my skirt steak over butt burning lemonade any day. :)

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