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Coconut and Cocoa Almonds


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This may or may not be appropriate for Whole30 but tasty and healthy for after.

100% Cocoa powder

Unsweetened Coconut flakes

Raw Almonds

Coconut oil

Shake it all together and bake for 8 min

Now opinions on this during Whole 30. I have been living mostly Paleo for almost a year ( a little cheese now and then and my wine.) I don't have a bad sugar dragon anymore and I feel good.

I'm looking for a satisfying snack since I'm always on the go. Also my husband is a paramedic and sometimes gets stuck only eating what's in his pocket. Opinion on whole30 appropriate if not used for a craving just a yummy snack ???

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IMO, I would say this is not Whole30 appropriate, as it's Paleo-ifying sweets.


Plus, W30 snacks are supposed to be a mini-meal including at least a protein and fat, and this doesn't meet that standard.


Absolutely enjoy after a W30 though!  :)

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