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July 15th Start Date: support and accountability a must


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Congrats to you, too, KelliS! I hope your reintroduction goes well!

I'm going to officially start again on 15 August since I don't feel like I'm ready to reintroduce yet. I have learned so much about how to eat well and I have completely banished my sugar demon. I never want to go back to the way things were, but I have to figure out how to have balance and accept that maybe I can have the occasional slice of pizza (because it's pretty much the only thing I actually miss), maybe I really can't. I need to know though, that if I decide that I can't, that it's for the right reason....in other words, I don't want to have fear surrounding my food choices...and right now I kind of do. That fear isn't based on how I might feel if I eat grains or dairy, rather on the fact that a slice of pizza (or any other eliminated food, in all honesty) might be a slippery slope that I will tumble down and undo all of my hard work. So another 30 days seems like a reasonable way to wrap my brain around it all.

It's been pretty amazing to take this journey with you all and I appreciate all of the encouragement along the way!

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Well, it's bedtime for me, so I'm going to call this whole 30 a wrap. I'm certainly glad I did it. I know I lost most of my baby weight, my daily headaches are gone, my mood swings have leveled out, etc. I have the same fear of slipping back into bad habits, but I am going to do a very slow and methodical reintroduction so I can find out what exactly was giving me trouble. Once I know, though, I'll do another whole 30+ to get rid of my excess belly fat, for health reasons, not for vanity's sake, I hope. I also have a lot to think about in terms of transitioning my family toward more nutrient dense foods. We don't eat junk, but I feel I could do better for them if I can just figured out all the angles. 'Night, y'all, I'm looking forward to hearing your results and future plans!

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Happy day 31! So as of this morning, down 15 pounds from Day 1. More importantly - clothes are loose, energy is through the roof, skin is clear, workouts are stronger and even more important...my patience level is higher than even. Yay! 


One other thing I forgot to report - On Monday, I got into a car accident. I totally rammed into a car. To add insult to injury, called my insurance company to find out that the car dealership (we bought this car about 2 months ago) never called my insurance to have it transferred from the car we traded to the new car so I had no coverage. This is illegal in my state.In the past, this would have made me run straight to chocolate. This time - went home and sat down and had my healthy Whole30 compliant meal, got what I needed to get done that night and the next morning, was able to approach everything with a clear head. Insurance is going to pay for the car I hit and they are going after the dealership to either prove they transferred my insurance to have them pay for my damage. Plus, my friend, who is  lawyer, offered to help me out as needed. 


Natalie - big congrats on your success! My girls eat what we eat and about once a week, we let them have whatever they want, within reason. It works for us. I don't force them to eat what we fix - they either eat it or they don't get food but I don't make a big deal out of it. We've done this since my older daughter transitioned to solid food. They are very healthy, happy girls and this works for us. 


Islandgrrl - sounds like you have a great plan. As of right now, I'm just continuing on the Whole30 so if you need some support, feel free to post here and we can share our ups and downs!


Have a great one!

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Jacmic, you've had some amazing successes! I'm glad to hear you were able to weather the accident without reverting to less than healthy habits. Good for you! I hope that no one was injured in the accident, of course!


I started a thread for my 15 August start date if you want to come join in over there!

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Whole30! :D:wub:  Congratulations to all of us!


Here are my results:



Kg         BMI        Fat%      Muscle%  Waist (cm) Hips (cm)  Neck (cm)   Arm (cm)  Thigh (cm) Upper body (cm)

86.6       31.1        49.5       21.0          100             108            34.5             31              62               87



81.7       29.3        47.6       21.6           95              104            34.5             30              58.5             84


I'm not going to reintroduce anything, yet. Instead, I will go on to Whole45 (Whole60/Whole90...?). This first week of new Whole days I'm will not eat nuts to see if that helps my skin irritation. :huh: Islandgrrl, I'll join in your new thread...


Next week is going to be different: my vacation is over and I go back to office. Hope that it goes well... Must really plan my meals, now! :P

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