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Good sources in the Daytona Beach area


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Hi!  We're not in the middle of a W30 right now but we are committed to a 99.9 percent paleo lifestyle.


We are spending a few weeks in Daytona Beach and will have access to a full kitchen so I'm hoping to do a lot of cooking.  Experience has shown the dining options are limited.


I can bring some food with me from my usual sources but not enough for the entire trip.  There is a Publix and Winn-Dixie in town but beyond that the pickings seem to be slim.


Unless I'm missing something.


Please help!  I'm most concerned about finding high quality, pastured meats.



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I don't personally live in Daytona Beach but I have family there and spend a good amount of time there.  Publix has a lot of Organic Veggies and Grass fed meats but there is a large Natural Food store called LOVES in Ormond Beach which should be just about 15-20mins from where you are if you are staying in the heart of Daytona.  Here's the link...http://www.lovewholefoods.com/retailer/store_templates/shell_id_1.asp?storeID=D94C2903A83341639C32DB50F17237D8


Hope that helps!

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