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Cultured meat


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Not sure where really to post this because it'a anything but 'good' food. Scientists are now making cultured or synthetic meat from stem cells of cows. I can understand the saving in lland, feed etc but artificial meat, played around with goodness knows what additives is really not something I fancy trying.


there are still formidable technical problems in turning artificial meat into a desirable, and affordable, consumer product. The first of these is that real meat is composed of a variety of different cells, not just the meaty fibres made by the myosatellite stem cells – which normally repair damaged muscles – used in Professor Post's process.

Professor Post said that it is possible to add fatty tissue to the fibres to make them more palatable, as well as other nutrients to make the synthetic meat as nutritious as real meat, and possibly even healthier by reducing the saturated fats.


Article here  www.independent.co.uk/news/science/special-report-in-vitro-beef--its-the-meat-of-the-future-8735104.html

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