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Whole30 Redux


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I completed my first round of Whole30 on July 30, 2013.  My results were amazing: better sleep, clearer skin, less digestive issues, no sinus problems, weight loss and finally got my waist measurement down to where my health risk for diabetes and other ailments have dramatically decreased.


I did a mini re-introduction and now I know without a doubt that Whole30/Paleo is for me.  As soon as I tried some grains, dairy and sugar, my body reacted with headaches, hives, and a runny nose.  I already planned to do Whole30 again but I wanted confirmation that those foods were not good for me and might be the cause of all the digestive and sinus issues I've had over the years.


So this log is to track my second round of Whole30 to see what other changes I could make and to help make paleo living a lifestyle instead of a trendy weight loss plan. 


I am a 40 year old married college professor from Southern California.  I hit the gym about 5-6 days a week but until I tried Whole30, the scale hadn't budged in months.  My goal for the second round of Whole30 is to continue to heal my gut (gas, bloating and acid reflux), keep my sinus allergy symptoms at bay and work on "slaying the sugar dragon".  Fortunately, my husband did the first round with me and is ready to go with Round 2. 

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Day 1, Round 2


Meals 8/5/2013

1 – Uncured, nitrate free bacon, spinach eggs, watermelon chunks

2 – Almonds and organic seedless raisins

3 - Pan fried pork chop and broccoli, cauliflower and carrots steamed.


Food was good today; exercise didn't happen.  Contractors were here bright and early to set up our kitchen appliances.  My sleep has been crappy with my 5 days of non-Paleo eating.  This is part of the reason I'm happy to be back on Whole30.  I need to get to bed so I can go back to morning workouts.  I hated evening workouts because I prefer to get the workouts in so I can go on with my day.  Our home renovations have really kept me cooped up in this house and it has driven me crazy.  Only a few more things left and my mornings, kitchen, living and dining room are mine again.

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You could make your food even better by making sure every meal fits the template - your lunch had no protein or vegies and your dinner probably was low in fat!

Maybe if its difficult to get in to your kitchen at lunchtimes, perhaps you could make double breakfast or dinner and have leftovers?

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