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One Week Up


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I could have written down, but then I though it's not a bad thing, it's a great thing. 


I've just completed 1 week of whole 30, 7 days straight baby! Only 21 more to go! Woohoo (note there is no sarcasm here, I'm genuinely excited. 


I will admit that I have had some headaches (day 2 & 3), but mild, but I've also had some light headedness.  The bloating hit me full force yesterday (day 6) it was seriously horrible, I swear I looked preggers! Overall, it's been successful. 


I did suspect my running performance to go down, but that's ok, I expected that.  It also properly doesn't help we've had some seriously awful winter running conditions here (Australia).  I'm talking rain, cold, windy so on. I'm taking relatively easy for me, but I'm sure the performance will change. 


I have tired out a few new recipes.  Turkey Meatloaf was a winner, as was easy tandoori chicken. 


So how is everyone else coming along?


Good luck on week 2. 

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i'll join you in the horrible weather - i'm staring out of the window watching rain come down from all directions!


my husband and i technically finished yesterday, but we're still going :)


I've been loving my slow cooked stuff - osso bucco, chilli, roo Bolognese, curries etc. i make huge pots on the weekend and freeze in portions for during the week. a bit of reheating and fresh vegie prep, and dinner is done! 

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