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UPDATE: Pregnant!!! Conceived during W30!!!


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I wrote this summary for my gym, so the pros and cons are for people who are considering a Whole30 over other programs... may not be applicable here.



What I got out of it


-INCREASED STRENGTH/PERFORMANCE: 8 PRs in one month…enough said.  I think the meal timing/macro combinations had a lot to do with this.

-REGULATED HORMONES/NO MORE MOOD SWINGS: This is a pretty big deal for me.  I used to cry or get really choked up when I got frustrated.  I feel like a can communicate better and handle problems logically because my emotions now take a back seat.  Very empowering.

-FAT LOSS: I can see more muscle definition, or as they say in ladies magazines, I'm more “toned†lol.

-BETTER SLEEP: I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed every morning at the same time without an alarm clock.

-SUGAR ADDICTION DETOX:  I'm off the sugar and I feel like I have done the homework to be able to do moderation in the future. Also very empowering.

-BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: More eating to live, less living to eat.  No more emotional eating or binging on carbs and sugar.


Is it right for you?



-NO DAILY FOOD/ACTIVITY LOG: Ain't nobody got time for that.

-NO MEASURING: Easy to follow meal template with visual serving suggestions-palm size protein, thumb size healthy fat, etc.

-THE RULES ARE BLACK AND WHITE: It's all or nothing on this program, you screw up, you start over.  Commitment required.

-SUPPORT/COUNCILING: The daily emails help you through the process, and you work through issues that have contributed to failure in the past

-RESOURCES: Tons of awesome articles, blog links, recipes, etc.

-COOKING: If you enjoy cooking, this is an opportunity to add some new recipes to your repertoire.

-BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: If you have eating issues, this program helps you deal with them once and for all.

-ONLY 30 DAYS: It's stricter, but only for a brief duration.

-TRANSITION/REINTRODUCTION: A schedule is provided to help you reintroduce foods and evaluate food allergies/sensitivities.

-PALEO LIFESTYLE: If you are considering Paleo, this is a good place to start.



-NO DAILY FOOD/ACTIVITY LOG: If you need that for accountability, this could be problematic.

-THE RULES ARE BLACK AND WHITE: Some people need a little wiggle room to screw up.

-EXPENSIVE: Grass fed organic meat isn't cheap.  By taste test alone, it's far superior though!

-COOKING/DOING DISHES: You will be cooking and doing dishes A LOT. There's a degree of effort and planning involved in eating Paleo.

-DETOX: The first week can be difficult to get through physically.


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I just found out I'm pregnant!    :D   :D   :D !!!


We had been trying for over a year with no success.  I have PCOS and endometriosis, not to mention that I'm a total stress case.  I had surgery in February for a cyst caused by fertility drugs, and the endometriosis.  The doctor who performed my surgery was pushing IVF, but I felt it was premature.  


I decided to just stop consciously trying and do everything I could to be at optimum health, then see what happened.  I began eating Paleo because of what I had read about women having improved fertility with Paleo and high fat/protein diets.  Then I did the Whole 30 and I conceived during it!


I had read other women's success stories, but I still can't believe it worked for me, and practically instantly nonetheless!

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I'm thrilled for you. My brother and sister-in-law tried unsuccessfully for 2 years, and even with fertility drugs and a completely invasive procedure, they didn't conceive. Now they have given up. I sooooo want them to try doing W30 and then going Paleo. Their diet is atrocious and they drink an awful lot. I just think this would be good for them on so many levels, and I might just get a niece or nephew out of it. (Sigh)

We have 4 kids and every one of them is wonderful. Enjoy parenthood!

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This is very encouraging.  I am on my second W30 and we have been trying for a baby for over 3 years now.  Unexplained, every test we have done comes back very good so it's been very hard.  I have a 12 year old son I had when I was very young so this was very unexpected.  I'm hoping my W30 results come with a baby too.  I m already planning to just keep the W30 going, until thanksgiving...then why would I go back to any of my bad habits?  Congrats!!

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That is amazing. Congratulations.


I am also trying for my second, and have been for a couple of years.  My first pregnancy happened so quickly and easily at 41.  NOw I am 45, and hoping that the Whole30 will regulate my hormones, help shrink my fibroid (didn't hinder first pregnancy, but it is annoying), and give me a BFP!!!


I am currently on Day 17, and feeling great. 

Your news is so encouraging. I wanted to thank you for sharing.

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