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  1. GoJo09

    Workout Supplements

    You really don't need to take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) if you're eating a well constructed diet including animal protein. I work out pretty hard, running and Crossfit, and I don't bother. If you're vegetarian, it might be more worthwhile, as vegetarian protein sources aren't complete proteins, ie. they're each lacking some of the amino acids (you have to be very conscious of combining vegetarian protein sources to ensure you get all of the required amino acids).
  2. GoJo09

    Eczema flare up on Day 48

    If you want some supporting "evidence", I have eczema too, and if I have too many strawberries (half a dozen is fine, a punnet is not) I get either a flare up or hives, so it definitely could be the culprit.
  3. GoJo09

    Day 28, constantly sleepy

    This may or may not have relevance to you, but I recently switched to a different maganesium brand, which uses a different type of the mineral. I have always taken mag in the mornings, just from habit, but after 2 weeks of feeling like I was going to fall asleep at my desk and nodding off on the couch every evening, I realised that the new kind is particularly recommended for helping you sleep (and I can report, it is very successful at it!). So, maybe just review if you've changed or added any supplements or foods that might be having that kind of effect.
  4. GoJo09


    What @kirbz meant was that you should ignore the nutrition panel (the list of macro/mirco nutrients with all the numbers beside them) and look only at the ingredients. If any of the ingredients aren't Whole 30 allowed, put the product down. If you look at the nutrition panel on a can of tomatoes, for example, it will say that it has xx grams of sugar per 100g - that makes people freak out and think they can't have that product because it has sugar. But, if you look at the ingredients list right below it will not (should not!) list any added sugar - the nutrition panel is referring to the naturally occuring sugars in tomatoes. So, ignore the numbers and just look at the ingredients. If there's an ingredient you're not sure of, just google it + whole30 - there are a lot of really long scary sounding words that are actually just stabilisers and are perfectly legit.
  5. GoJo09

    How are dates different?

    Dates are a fruit, and as @slc_melissa said, come packaged with fibre and whatnot like other fruits do. So, think of them like you would an apple, a fruit that is sweet, rather than as a pure sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Can your body tell the difference? I don't think so, but you're less likely to use dates to prop up old habits than you are honey, which is much more convenient (but again, that's why date syrup and date sugar are out, even though they're made from dates, and why date and nut bars are highly discouraged). I personally love fresh dates and would choose them over maple syrup every time! Ramadan is the best when dates are so cheap!
  6. GoJo09

    teen eating junk food when out with friends

    I think you have hit the nail on the head with the statement about how hard it is to not eat junk food when all your friends are. Since she loves to eat healthy food at home, it's probably not rebellion as much as wanting to fit in - it's certainly not about being hungry, so your dropping off sushi isn't going to change anything (feel free to drop it off to me though!). Maybe she's just looking for an excuse to give her friends (one they can't override), like "Oh, if I eat that it will make me feel really rubbish, why don't we get sushi instead?". Try and find some articles about building self-confidence in teens. Ultimately, it has to be her choice, but if you can pitch an elimination diet to her in such a way that it empowers her, that might be a winner - make it about finding culprits for her brain fog or acne or other physical symptoms that are not related to weight. If she's of a scientific bent, make it a personal experiment for her.
  7. I'm on the breakfast train also - having protein, fat and vege instead of porridge or cereal for breakfast is the major consistent change over the years, as well as vege with every meal (I don't stress about it if I'm eating out, but I definitely note it and try to make up for it at the next meal). And like @ElizabethG said, the mindless snacking at work is practically non-existent (the weekends are not quite so clear cut though ). I'm also pretty consistent with excluding the things I've identified as being less good for me over the years - gluten, yoghurt and milk, and now hummus and halloumi. None of these things will kill me, so I do have them on rare occasions, but on the whole in my "at home diet" I don't have them at all.
  8. Did you know that standard oats are often not considered gluten free? I think it's something in the processing of them. So unless you specifically had gluten free oats, it might be the gluten that was the issue, not that oat itself. As an aside, I'm super jealous of your hummus reintro - it is now fully off the table for me after a couple of tries with it that resulted in the worst smelling gas you've ever encountered!
  9. GoJo09

    Reintroduction: Alcohol question...

    I personally would leave the alcohol, gluten free or otherwise, until later in your reintros, purely because it's the one item that can easily lead to a face first dive off track - alcohol lowers your inhibitions (especially when you haven't been drinking of a while) and that 1 cider turns into 2 turns in to a run to the ice cream store with a burger on the side, and before you know it you've eaten 7 different things that could all have their own side-effects, but you'll never untangle them. You also don't have a reintro day for sugar in your list - if you're concerned about how that will affect you (without the side of alcohol) you should really intro that separately as well.
  10. GoJo09

    Starting 5/24: 1st time!!

    It is easy to undereat when you first start Whole 30, but your body will let you know about it in short order! Just make sure you've got plenty of fat at every meal, you eat your pre- and post-workout mini-meals, and don't skimp on potatoes or other starches, and you should be fine. Not tracking is so freeing - from a former religious MFP user! I'm sure your doctor is aware that your weaning off your prescriptions, right? One thing I find excellent for heartburn, indigestion or just a general funny tummy is apple cider vinegar - the unfiltered kind with the mother still in - a couple of tablespoons in a glass of water really helps me (I have no scientific evidence for this, just my own experimentation, don't replace your medication with vinegar!)
  11. GoJo09

    Canned sweet potatoes

    Yep! I've never seen canned sweet potato or pumpkin, so that's what I've always done. Maybe a splash of coconut cream to make it a bit creamier, although probably not necessary for that recipe.
  12. GoJo09

    Not my first rodeo

    I think sometimes it's actually harder to do a Whole 30 when you're already so close - it's weirdly hard to find the justification for giving up those few small things!
  13. It doesn't look like it's a recurring thing in your diet, but onions are a pretty common cause of gas and/or diarrhea, so that might be something to play with. You might need to cut out, rather than cut back, on salads/raw vege/nuts. And if you're exercising (I assume that's what you mean by activities?) you might need to eat a pre- and/or post-workout snack on top of your meals to keep your energy up. Keep with it! With your pre-exisiting problems it might just take a little longer, and if you're not feeling any worse than before, it might be worth sticking it out for a bit longer?
  14. @Marj K - type @ then the person's handle (no space after the @). A list will appear to select from. Avocados and coconuts aren't nuts, SugarcubeOD was referring to tree nuts (almonds, cashews, etc). They are recommended to be limited as they can be quite disruptive to the gut, and don't have an ideal fat profile (ratio of omega 3 v. 6, I think...). You're right, it doesn't state on the meal template that they should be limited, and really it should. Pine nuts are a seed, not a nut (thanks again, English language!), but I don't know why they would be better than other nuts/seeds - perhaps the amount used in pesto isn't high enough to be problematic, especially when balanced with the amount of olive oil in it?
  15. GoJo09

    Social Life, Where are you?

    I need friends who want to go axe throwing! (Actually, my friends would probably be up for it... Must find somewhere to throw axes!)