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  1. GoJo09

    Inflexible 12 Hour Work Day

    Even 20 mins is going to be a case of stuffing as much in your mouth as possible! Definitely no foods that need to be reheated! I'm quite partial to cold roast vegetables, cold chicken or meat, etc, so I'd happily have those for lunches - you want dense foods with lots of fat, not things like salad that you have to eat a tonne of. For that long stretch between meals, normally it'd be a hard boiled egg or a cold sausage, but you don't really want to be hiding that in your pocket all afternoon . Is this an instance where a meat and nut type bar might be appropriate? Obviously shovelling food in your mouth on the way to the toilet isn't ideal, but neither is the whole situation!
  2. GoJo09

    Pre and post-WO meals after Whole 30

    What have you been using for pre- and post- workout for the past year? Surely that's the best thing to continue on with? Or have you not been eating them to date? Additional training will require additional nutrition (inclusive of carbs and protein), but it doesn't need to come from foods you haven't eaten in a year. Just increase the amount of food you're eating in your main meals (particularly the meal before your runs), and start experimenting with what foods work for you pre-run and during (if necessary). In terms of electrolytes, there are ones out there that don't contain too much filler (there may even be one that is compliant), or you could just use coconut water. Whether you need it at all depends on how hot it is where you live, and how much you sweat - it's not actually a requirement of running a marathon
  3. GoJo09

    I Ate Plantain Chips...

    It does mention it in this online resource https://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/ "No commercially-prepared chips (potato, tortilla, plantain, etc.) or French fries either." If the ingredients were all compliant, I wouldn't start over, but continue to avoid them for the rest of your time.
  4. GoJo09

    Labels during Reintroduction Period

    Actually, the purpose of the reintro is to see how specific ingredients affect you, regardless of their nutrient density. Your Maple French Toast cereal probably has at least 3 different ingredients that aren't Whole 30, right? So if you had a reaction you wouldn't know if it were ingredient A, B or C that caused it. By reintroducing each ingredient separately you'll know that it's A you have a problem with, but B is ok in moderation and C is fine. Or maybe all 3 are fine on their own, but when combined in the cereal it's overload for your system and it's out - but if you didn't try each separately, you'd never know that. So, rather than your standard breakfast of oats, fruit and almond milk, you'd have a small serve of oats as a side dish to your normal whole 30 breakfast. Then you'd be judging whether oats specifically make you more or less satisfied, if they give you cramps, if they make you grumpy, whatever. Does that make sense?
  5. GoJo09

    Minimizing explanations

    "Alcohol has been making me feel pretty rubbish lately, so I'm cutting it out". Who can argue with that? (Also, why would they argue in the first place?? But as we all know, some people are jerks and have their own problems.)
  6. GoJo09

    Hi, totally new here...

    I totally get what you're saying - I hope my comments didn't come across as condescending at all, because I certainly didn't mean them as such!
  7. GoJo09

    Teen daughter new to Whole30

    Is there a reason for the keto? Ie. was it recommended to her for a medical reason? I only ask as there's a lot of talk on these boards (I've done no scientific research on the issue myself) around females, depression and carbs. Which may be completely outside the scope of your original question regarding weight gain, but could be a culprit for the headaches. Something (else!) to consider. She sounds like she's having a rough go of it, so good on her for being willing to play around with different modalities to help herself feel her best.
  8. GoJo09

    Hi, totally new here...

    Would it help to tell yourself that the three meals a day are not optional and your body needs them to function? Your brain surely can't argue with that logic! I don't want to minimise the reality or danger of an eating disorder, but might this just be food boredom, where you can force yourself to push through it? Tuna and eggs are a bit boring, but they're cheap, easy/no cook proteins that might get you through this hump. And if you have a slow cooker, that's a good way to cook cheaper cuts or minced meat without the kitchen heating up too much.
  9. GoJo09

    Monday July 9 2018

    Aren't marathons always a nightmare?!
  10. GoJo09

    Accidental garlic salt

    What was in the garlic salt that makes you think you need to restart?
  11. GoJo09

    Beans: problematic or just...beans?

    That's the great thing, though - you get to choose whether it's worth it to have gas or not! Personally, my reaction to chickpeas was so bad that for the sake of my friendships I have to give them up (it also lasted for days, so clearly worse than what you noticed!). I'm not game to try other legumes, but I don't like them enough to mind not having them. If you love them and you can put up with the results, then there's your answer.
  12. Hi @HeatherSoleil I have a very similar family history to you, and have had similar realisations about my own drinking habits many times. I perhaps drank a little more than you, depending on the stage of my journey. I now have in place for myself quite firm rules around drinking, namely, no drinking alone at home, and no more than 2 drinks at a time. And when I find that I am making excuses to go out specifically so I can have a drink, I'm thinking about it a lot, or I've had drinks multiple nights in a week, I pick a length of time to go dry (maybe a week, maybe longer). I also try really hard to examine my reasons for having a drink eg. Because it is nice to have a beer on a Sunday afternoon with friends is fine. Because I've had a rubbish day and I want to make it better is not. You've just got to figure out what kind of boundaries work for you, and that might be a complete absence of alcohol. By the way, I was going to start a little dry spell on Monday (as I have had quite a few drinks this week), but writing this made me realise that I need to start today, not Monday - another 3 days of drinking isn't going to help me at all! (I literally have 4 social things in the next 3 days that would/could have involved alcohol!)
  13. GoJo09

    Workout Supplements

    You really don't need to take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) if you're eating a well constructed diet including animal protein. I work out pretty hard, running and Crossfit, and I don't bother. If you're vegetarian, it might be more worthwhile, as vegetarian protein sources aren't complete proteins, ie. they're each lacking some of the amino acids (you have to be very conscious of combining vegetarian protein sources to ensure you get all of the required amino acids).
  14. GoJo09

    Eczema flare up on Day 48

    If you want some supporting "evidence", I have eczema too, and if I have too many strawberries (half a dozen is fine, a punnet is not) I get either a flare up or hives, so it definitely could be the culprit.
  15. GoJo09

    Day 28, constantly sleepy

    This may or may not have relevance to you, but I recently switched to a different maganesium brand, which uses a different type of the mineral. I have always taken mag in the mornings, just from habit, but after 2 weeks of feeling like I was going to fall asleep at my desk and nodding off on the couch every evening, I realised that the new kind is particularly recommended for helping you sleep (and I can report, it is very successful at it!). So, maybe just review if you've changed or added any supplements or foods that might be having that kind of effect.