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  1. GoJo09

    Teen daughter new to Whole30

    Is there a reason for the keto? Ie. was it recommended to her for a medical reason? I only ask as there's a lot of talk on these boards (I've done no scientific research on the issue myself) around females, depression and carbs. Which may be completely outside the scope of your original question regarding weight gain, but could be a culprit for the headaches. Something (else!) to consider. She sounds like she's having a rough go of it, so good on her for being willing to play around with different modalities to help herself feel her best.
  2. GoJo09

    Workout Supplements

    You really don't need to take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) if you're eating a well constructed diet including animal protein. I work out pretty hard, running and Crossfit, and I don't bother. If you're vegetarian, it might be more worthwhile, as vegetarian protein sources aren't complete proteins, ie. they're each lacking some of the amino acids (you have to be very conscious of combining vegetarian protein sources to ensure you get all of the required amino acids).
  3. I'm on the breakfast train also - having protein, fat and vege instead of porridge or cereal for breakfast is the major consistent change over the years, as well as vege with every meal (I don't stress about it if I'm eating out, but I definitely note it and try to make up for it at the next meal). And like @ElizabethG said, the mindless snacking at work is practically non-existent (the weekends are not quite so clear cut though ). I'm also pretty consistent with excluding the things I've identified as being less good for me over the years - gluten, yoghurt and milk, and now hummus and halloumi. None of these things will kill me, so I do have them on rare occasions, but on the whole in my "at home diet" I don't have them at all.
  4. GoJo09

    Reintroduction: Alcohol question...

    I personally would leave the alcohol, gluten free or otherwise, until later in your reintros, purely because it's the one item that can easily lead to a face first dive off track - alcohol lowers your inhibitions (especially when you haven't been drinking of a while) and that 1 cider turns into 2 turns in to a run to the ice cream store with a burger on the side, and before you know it you've eaten 7 different things that could all have their own side-effects, but you'll never untangle them. You also don't have a reintro day for sugar in your list - if you're concerned about how that will affect you (without the side of alcohol) you should really intro that separately as well.
  5. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Yep, they're vegetables, fruits and seeds pressed and dehydrated in to crackers - super tasty!
  6. GoJo09

    The crazy things people say

    My boss: "Why in earth are you eating Paleo?" While giving me "you have an eating disorder" eyes. This despite the fact I sit next to her, she knows I'm gluten intolerant, and she sees me eating my lunch nearly every single day and didn't realise it was paleo until I mentioned going to a paleo café...
  7. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Well, there you go - I was 100% sure that nitrates were out, and have been sadly returning products to the shelves that contain them for over a year! Chez, accidental sugar consumption doesn't generally call for a restart, and as long as you have the sugar cravings under control, I wouldn't panic about it. Maybe just stop using the coconut aminos now, and reintro sugar last.
  8. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Sorry but the nitrates make it non-compliant - told you it was hard! There are quite a few compliant coconut milk/cream brands, I just prefer the taste and texture of Ayam. I have it in coffee and curries, and that's basically it for me. Check out the Mae Ploy curry pastes - some are compliant. And yes, the panna cotta is dessert so it's out.
  9. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Gah, I should probably give up coffee too then, for my rosacea!
  10. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Tamari almonds are a personal demon of mine! Thankfully they're out for a W30 anyway . Bacon - I've never seen a compliant one, but you can get panchetta if you want to pay that much. Kombucha is fine. Did you give up coffee because you didn't want to drink it black? Or for some other reason? Because I drink it with coconut cream every day. (Not saying you have to drink it, just wondering.)
  11. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I get them from my local independent grocer - local woolies doesn't sick it but the one further away does. Same ring pull can, but 400g.
  12. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I keep my coconut cream in a Moccona jar too - I have dozens of different sizes for all my baking ingredients because that's what they drink at work . I buy the large Ayam cans of coconut cream though - although maybe I'd be more frugal with it if i were using the small cans.
  13. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I use ayam premium coconut cream (dark green can). It's not the cheapest ($3.60) but it's got nothing except coconut and it tastes the best.
  14. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I had a coffee in Denmark, WA (ie. tiny town in the middle of nowhere!) with hazelnut milk and it was amazing. I'd never had hazelnut milk before, gave the coffee a great taste.
  15. GoJo09

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Yep, coconut oil can make your house stink, but it tastes good . Use it for frying, baking sweet potatoes (yum!), eating... Coconut aminos are a soy sauce replacement - I've never tried it because it's $12 a bottle and I don't use soy sauce very often normally anyway. Re: bones - "dog bones" are still bones! It all comes form the same animal . You could just cook a roast and then use the bone afterwards to make stock, if you don't want to buy them specifically.