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  1. Oh yeah - poor wording! I didn't get bubbles on my second ferment
  2. I didn't get any fizz on my first batch (my flavours weren't sugary enough to lead to fermentation), but it tasted great! I made 3 big bottles with different flavours: ginger, lemon and ginger, and coffee. Coffee was amazing, if anyone is keen to try it (just poured about half a cup of cold coffee in the bottle and topped up with 'booch. Gardnermer, I'm so sad for your mouldy batch
  3. Hmmm, might need a bigger fridge... I'm sure I can get through it if it takes 2 weeks for the first ferment, but if it brews up in 4 days I might be in trouble! (It's in the cupboard under the bench next to the oven, so reasonably warm down there.) Plus, I'll have to put my SCOBY to bed for a few weeks while I'm away at the end of next month - I'll read up a bit more about that before it's time to worry.
  4. I've just started my first batch! Very excited. And really hope I can get through 3 litres before the next batch is done! How long will the second ferment keep for? Obviously if you can buy it commercially, it must be shelf stable so it doesn't explode in the bottles...
  5. Whereabouts in Sydney are you? I'm sitting at my desk with a bottle of kombucha that I bought on the way from the station to the office in North Sydney, and I can name at least two other shops here that sell it, as well as the About Life chain in Cammeray, Rozelle and Bondi. I also had my 'booch baby delivered today to try making my own (I'm considerably more excited about this than my flatmate is...).