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Marne's getting fit at Fifty!


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So, this is where I can log my progress and get some inspiration...perfect.


Started my FIRST Whole30 on the 5th, after deciding to go GF to see if it can help my Hashimotos. Cut out the gluten, then thought, WTH! Let's cut it ALL out! Do Whole30! Hmmmm. 

So far, ok.


My struggles...Breakfast. i was doing fruit smoothies with spinache previously. I realize a blender of fruit is not ideal for this program, so I've been doing scrambled eggs. However, mornings are not my best time.  forget, or don't have time, so this morning, sure enough, walked out without eating! WENT BACK IN and did a smoothie with ice, coconut milk, banana. Not too exciting.


I have been trying new recipes, and they all have leftovers, so bringing lunch to work is easy.  I need more grab and go ideas for breakfast!


Trying to get more active again. Used to do triathalons, but lost my motivation as the weight crept on in spite of my workouts and diets. It's been a 3 year battle, and i'm going to win. Damn you, Hashimotos!


Heading to Cabo for Christmas with my college age kids. Hoping I don't have to wear some big coverup the whole time. :-)

So far, I'm not struggling with the loss of bread, but it is hard to not have ice cream! And DIET COKE! But, I found LaCroix sparkling water, and that fills my need for carbonation...for now.


Good luck to us all!

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I make egg muffins for breakfast. I make 12 at a time and will eat 1-2 a day, depending on what else I have with it. They are super easy to make and you can put different things in every week to mix it up. I usually sauté some diced veggies and sausage or ham for a filling.

Cover the bottom of each muffin tin with the filling.

Scramble up a dozen eggs.

Pour over filling until almost full

Bake at 350 for 15-25 minutes-until a knife inserted comes out clean.

Cool and store in the fridge. I microwave them for about a minute, then eat. I also cook up a batch of sweet potato hash and have that with it most days. Sometimes I have other leftover veggies or salad.

Hope that helps!

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Excellent suggestion! Oh, I made that sweet potato hash and LOVED it! Adds a little sweetness to breakfast. I need to make more...and some  egg muffins(which I'll call mini quiches!)


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Hi Marne, I am 55 and also have Hashis. I've been gluten/grain free for awhile now, so that part wasn't difficult for me on W30. The ice cream was hard. I just finished on Tuesday and had ice cream on my diary reintroduction day. It was great, but I don't think I'll be eating it regularly anymore. Maybe coconut ice cream. Today I'm going to have a glass of wine. Can't wait.


Good luck!

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Went put last night to my favorite club, with my wine drinking buddy...she had the traditional wine, i asked for club soda with lots of fruit. Called it a mock sangria. Lol looked pretty, and i wasn't missing the wine at all! And today...my tummy is flatter! Love seeing results.

Got thinking...although I have spent WAY more than usual at the grocery store, I'm spending WAY less on restaurant food and wine! Besides, the nightly wine habit probably needed to stop anyway. ;)

Now to go get that book I keep hearing about...Well Fed.

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Yesterday made some more of the sweet potato hash for dinner, wth leftovers for another meal(maybe 2?). At the same time, blanched some veggies(like the book says), ground some beef for a crock pot soup(which then cooked all evening) and cleaned out my fridge.

Made the berry dessert(Well Fed) for dessert(apple/blueberry with pecans).Put the soup outside to cool overnight and dished it into 4 containers for lunches this week. 


Alarm was set for 9, but woke at 8. Feel great!


Basil temp is still lower than I had hoped. I was waiting to increase my meds until I could see if perhaps the change in diet could boost it some. Doesn't seem to be affecting it. Today I will add .5g to my NatureThroid. Regardless of the lack of thyroid function, I feel my body shedding weight, but  will NOT get on that scale!


Today will be another successful day. I am prepared.  B)

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