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ReIntro and Digestive Enzymes


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So this is my 2nd Whole30.  My primary goal in doing W30 was to lower my blood pressure so I could get off the meds.  I was consistently in the range of 140-150/90-95 and I am averaging around 110/70 now with no meds!  It's a good thing since the meds were causing me to break out in an itchy rash and just a few days ago I read that it has been found that long term use doubles the risk of breast cancer. :o


I did a haphazard reintro on my first round and just lapsed eventually back into my old patterns... weight and BP went back up.  So after the 2nd W30 I've lost about 6 lbs and reset the BP.


Added dairy first and seemed to be okay with cheese - yogurt made me feel horrible - but I am wondering if it was because of the sugar, so I might try another dairy round with sugar free greek yogurt next time.  (Honestly the real reason I liked yogurt was because of the sugar so I may just skip that.)


Today was gluten/grains.  Had an English muffin with breakfast, a tuna sandwich on wheat for lunch and a side of pasta for dinner and am feeling no negative effects... not too surprising as I have been tested for both gluten and wheat sensitivities and showed none.


Ok - you are probably wondering at this point 'what is her question?'.  I was having digestive difficulties during the W30 and specifically I think I had trouble digesting fat.  So I bought the Digest Platinum that I read was recommended - but I started taking that right at the same time of my reintro.  I am not having the same digestive issues now but my question is... should I go back into the W30 first and put off the reintro?  Would the enzymes mask any symptoms I might have for a food causing me a reaction?  Or should I just continue on every 4th day adding something in and stay on the enzymes?


BTW I have a strong hunch that sugar is the culprit for my high BP.  I don't drink soda at all but it is hidden in so many processed foods!  I was also eating a little dark chocolate on a daily basis before the W30.


Thanks for any advice.


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I'm a great fan of digestive enzymes, I have low stomach acid and have taken them for years. For what it's worth, I personally don't believe they would mask issues with food. They'll help you digest it yes, but the foods I have issues with, I still have issues whether I take the enzymes or not. 


Perssonally I'd just continue with reintro and the enzymes and see how you get on. good luck

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