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A Whole51

Heidi Staddon

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Hi all!

I am doing the August Whole30 alongside so many of you (my 3rd since finding Whole9 last fall) as well as three weeks [21 days] of "primer" beforehand. Nothing different with the primer...just an excuse to get started ASAP but also feed off the energy that will be pumping thru the forum.

Today is day 4 officially. Last night I had the *best* sleep in almost a full year. Mind you, yesterDAY was one of the worst energy-wise. And I woke up this morning way earlier than I wanted to (thanks to the baby) but darned if I wasn't a-ok with it.

And despite over 6 total hours in the car with 3 kids under 5 and the same Disney cd on repeat (shoot me now Walt!), no lapse of energy or dropping from exhaustion. The 30+ *C heat didn't phase me.

Bring on week 2 :)

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