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Starchy substitutes?

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Helloo, helloo

So I am starting my second round of Whole30. During my first I realised that coconut, fruit, sweet potatoes and squash gave me tummy pain and some other "undesirable" side effects.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other starchy veg I could have?

Thank you :)

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This is actually a fruit, but plantains seem to fill the starch void. Unlike bananas, they have to be cooked. They're the longer, firmer bananas in the produce section usually in the bin as single bananas, not in a bunch. You have to cut them in sections before you can peel the tough peel.


The green ones taste more like potatoes -- you can boil, steam, mash, or fry like hash browns (I do it in coconut oil). When the skins turn yellow to brown the innards become sweeter. Sliced or diced they saute up nicely and are a nice addition to a stir fry dish. I cook about 1/3 of one with veggies and breakfast sausage, sometimes egg (though I'm cutting down on eggs) then add coconut milk at the end for a steaming, satisfying bowl for breakfast. The plantain as a sweet but not too sweet touch.


I think you were referring to possible loose stool in how you react to sweet potatoes, etc. Me too. About 1/4 of a large sweet potato is about all I can handle in a meal though I love them. Same with winter squashes. 


I do eat some white potato from time to time just to help firm things up. 


I've also found that I tolerate very little fruit: a handful of berries, small slice of melon, 1/4 apple is about all I can handle. I went crazy over a cantaloupe one day this summer and paid the price on the toilet for about the next 24 hours!

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