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Food allergies and meal planning

Tansy Arron

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I recently convinced my boyfriend to go paleo with me, and we're going for a whole 30 to start with, followed by gradual re introduction of a few things (Dairy! Oh how I miss you!)

However, he is allergic to (and this may not be a complete list)

-Some fruits, including avocado

-all nuts (yes, that includes coconut.)

-seafood (except clams, tuna and salmon??)

So all those wonderful fatty satiating snacks involving nut butters, avocado, or coconut cream are out.

If anyone's had some experience dealing with this, or has some great recipes to share, I'm all ears!!

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Oh man…that is a tough one. I do not have experience with food allergies so I am not going to be much help.

The only thing I can think of is The Food Lovers Kitchen. You can filter recipes to not include dairy, nuts, eggs, sugar, etc. Please be aware that not all of these recipes are W30 approved, so that is something else to keep an eye on.

In reading your post it looks like he is mostly allergic to the foods we recommend for fat. i.e. nuts, avocado, coconut, fish. Can he have olives? That is another good fat source. If not, if he is able to eat chicken, pork, beef…try including some of the fattier cuts in his meals so that he is still getting plenty of fat. i.e. ground beef, thighs, legs…

If it makes you feel any better, I do not eat nuts at all (I do this because once I start, I can't stop), I seriously limit fruit (same, once I start, I can't stop) and I do not eat fish (I don't like it). My point in sharing that is I don't eat these food for entirely different reason and am still able to have a successful W30. Don't be discouraged. :)

I hope this helps…a little.

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I thought that coconut wasn't a nut, but a drupe?

I'm very sensitive to seafood and certain fruits and veggies, so I can partially understand your dilemma.

I've learned to use a lot of different spices in my foods and that has made a huge difference in making up for the things I cannot eat. You will probably be okay with ghee, and you can make a bunch of sauces with ghee. Also, you might want to look into sweet potato flour to thicken sauces.

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Thanks for the help guys :) Food lovers kitchen looks awesome :) And yeah, it is mostly the fat content I worry about for keeping him full. Will definitely try fattier cuts of meat and ghee. So far I've been making dozens of egg and sausage mini muffins and freezing them. They make good snacks and they're high in fat and protein. Just want a little more variation.

Here's hoping that some of the allergies improve! Having been loosely paleo for a while now he's finding he can eat carrots again without comming out in a rash. Huzzah!

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