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Hi, I'm Tim from Austin. Today is day seven for me. I originally started on July 1st. Went six days and at that diner had some mole sauce while eating out with my mother-in-law. Decided to start over the next day. That day I received a big 4 year job contract so my wife and I celebrated and I off-roaded some. I had bacon, feta cheese, and wine. Although these are not severe deviations( well maybe the wine), for me this was pivotal. Usually I would go down that processed sugary carb road. Big change for me.

Also, this time I was able to re-start the next day and have been good since then. Being able to shift that easily is a monumental change. Usually if I ever went off program, I would be gone for months.

I had a little bit of discomfort and tiredness on occasions, but can clearly see massive results in changes in physical body composition. The biggest change has been mentally and emotionally. Graduate school beat the joy of life out of me. I seem to be rekindling that feeling that the world is a wonderful place to be alive in again.

I have been consciously working on eating only the best food I can find, but without stressing over it. Also, I have been setting systems in place to automate purchasing food as much as possible. I still need to be getting more sleep and eating more veggies, but that will happen naturally.

I have been attempting to create an appropriate relationship with food for over twenty years now. I finally feel as if the lights have been turned on for the first time and everything is effortless. So, big thanks to all who have gone before.

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Thanks Vickizee and Ann, congrats on your week. Ann, I purchased a weekly local CSA delivery service. Starting next month, I will also be getting a grassfed meat CSA share. I got inspired by Melissa J's weekly food system and have been working to set that up for our household. Should have alot of it ironed out by the end of the 30 days. It will be nice to have systems in place which will help our house run smoother and ensure quality food all the time. At some point looking forward to getting a stand alone freezer to be able to buy half a cow.

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