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  1. Ann

    Are the risks worth it?

    Was there a reason you were originally interested in doing a Whole30?
  2. Ann

    Are the risks worth it?

    It is worth it! I'm doing this because I want to feel better. If there are foods out there that I love that contribute to my aches and pains, or sleepless nights, or my anxiety, or feed my cravings for even more unhealthy foods --- I want to know what those foods are, and I might choose to avoid those foods. Or maybe I love those foods soooo much that I will enjoy them anyway, knowing that they are the cause of some problems. If there's a food that I used to be able to eat just fine, that totally throws me for a loop post-30, I would think that's a pretty clear sign that it's doing some pretty gnarly things inside my body.
  3. Ann

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    Hey Tearei! Another Portland gal, here! I'm curious, what are your "few favorites" that you keep bringing back?
  4. Ann

    Your favorite tea

    The yogi Egyptian licorice has no baddies --- believe me, I checked, probably half a dozen times, because I truly couldn't believe it had no sweeteners in it. I guess licorice root is very sweet on its own.
  5. Ann

    Your favorite tea

    Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea, mmmmmmmm.
  6. Ann

    Coffee Creamer?

    I think some consider organic pastured heavy cream ok for a paleo diet, because it has a high fat content and not much sugar (lactose). But not ok with W30 because any amount of sugar is out.
  7. Ann

    Can I have Marijuana

    You can in the state of Washington now!
  8. My food processor, which got used maybe 4x a year before, now lives on my counter.