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  1. Coffee with Milk Options

    I have purchased ghee at New Seasons, but mostly I make my own. I use Kerrygold non-salted butter, simmer it until all the froth comes to the top, carefully skim that white froth off, wait for a second froth to form and again carefully skim all that off, and then pour it into a mason jar. Ideally, it should be poured though a cheesecloth, but I don't always have cheesecloth on hand, and if I'm careful to skim the milk solids off, and take care not to let any of the particles that have formed at the bottom of the pan pour out, it works just fine. I usually use a big spoonful of ghee, and a big spoonful of coconut oil in my BPC. Sometimes a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Yum.
  2. Staff Party

    I've done it here in Portland, Oregon. Granted, the Portland area is pretty casual in general, and it wasn't a fancy restaurant (a sports bar). But I called ahead to be sure it was okay, and they said no prob!
  3. Staff Party

    I actually had lunch with friends at a bar with nothing compliant on the menu. I called ahead and asked if I could bring in my own salad, and it was a casual enough place, they said no prob!
  4. Not Drinking Alcohol Is Hard!

    I'm at a bar right now with my daughter watching the Ducks game, watching her have quesadillas and beer, while I sip my iced tea. I would sure love a beer, but I'm really doing fine. .
  5. Starting on Monday, Dec 29th

    See Jalopy - I think the BP coffee can be a bad thing. We shouldn't be skipping meals. I had to make myself eat dinner last night bc I wasn't hungry. Maybe it's too much fat to have with one meal? I backed way off on the fat in my coffee this morning (1 tsp of ea instead of 1T), and I was hungry again at an appropriate time.
  6. Starting on Monday, Dec 29th

    It is coconut oil and ghee, whirred up in a blender with a cup of coffee. Makes it nice and creamy, frothy on top. I fear it may be replacing some of my chewable food though, and maybe falls into the SWYPO category for me (replacing coffee with cream or a latte). But yes, it is delicious.
  7. I've got lots of pix in my logs, but not a whole lot of recipes. I keep it fairly simple mostly. If you browse the food logs section there are quite a few folks who use photos to journal their W30.
  8. New Starting January 12!

    I'm sorry your year is starting out so difficult. But great job on making this decision to take care of yourself!! Welcome.
  9. I went out for breakfast this morning, and asked what oil the omelets were prepared in, and whether there was any dairy in the eggs. No dairy in the eggs, thank goodness -- but they cook their omelets in soybean oil! When I said, "oh shoot," the waiter quickly said that they could cook it in olive oil if I'd prefer. Yes please! As far as canola oil, here's the word from the official W30 guide: Canola Oil: Yes, reluctantly (because sometimes, you have to dine out) While we don’t think vegetable oils are a healthy choice (understatement of the century), we don’t expressly rule them out on the Whole30. If we did, you’d never be able to eat outside of your own kitchen, because all restaurants use them in cooking. We wanted to create the healthiest program possible, but we also need it to be do-able for those who travel for business or pleasure, or simply want to dine out during the month.
  10. Costco Run

    The only compliant smoked salmon I have found is in foil packs at my grocery store near the canned tuna. And it's not nearly as tasty as the stuff in the refrigerated section. (But I haven't spent a whole lot of time searching for it).
  11. Starting on Monday, Dec 29th

    My day 14 was like your day 15, Christine. My day 15 was much better, so hopefully your day 16 will be much better, too! Although, this process apparently isn't a straight line - last night (after a good day 16) I didn't sleep well at all. In fact, I caved in and took half an ambien in the wee hours. (I hope the occasional ambien isn't disrupting this whole process...) I woke today with a little tiny headache. I'm going out for breakfast in an hour or so with my daughter and niece, so I'm having bulletproof coffee to tide me over and hopefully nip the headache in the bud.
  12. New Member

    A family affair! Good luck to all of you!
  13. Starting on Monday, Dec 29th

    SWYPO is "sex with your pants on". It is using compliant ingredients to make things like pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc. Recreating junk food with paleo ingredients. On the other hand, "food with no brakes" are less healthy foods that you just can't seem to stop eating. Compliant jerky falls into this category for me. For some it's dried fruit, grapes, coconut butter...
  14. Are the risks worth it?

    Was there a reason you were originally interested in doing a Whole30?
  15. Not Drinking Alcohol Is Hard!

    I totally understand. Think of it like this -- because you have so many cocktail-centered events in the next 30 days, you will get in lots of practice on how to be okay being the sober one when everyone else is drinking! And by the end of 30 days, it'll be a breeze to order iced tea when your friend orders a margarita, right? Well, maybe not. But I do think a W30 is a good way for many of us to reevaluate our relationship with alcohol. For me, I have always automatically poured a glass of wine when I get home from work. And another with dinner, and maybe one after I'm done cleaning the kitchen. So much of this (for me) is simply ingrained habit, and also a place filler for boredom. These 30 days force me to find something else to fill that "void" in the evenings. Which will hopefully carry over into my post-30 adventures. Also, I'm not sure what day you are on -- are you sleeping better yet? The better sleep is one of the huge things that helps me be strong when I'm craving a glass of wine. I know that my sleep will continue to get better and better as the 30 days go by, and it just isn't worth it to screw up that process. I want to see what I feel like after a full 30 days without wine (and everything else). (this is my third W30, and I know the good stuff happens)