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  1. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    It's over, folks. Kind of. I made a deliberate and considered decision last night to go off plan. It was my son's 26th birthday, and I took him and my daughter out for a very nice dinner. I've been thinking about how I was going to approach this dinner since before I started this round, contemplating whether I'd go off plan and have a glass of wine. While we do eat out often, we only splurge to this degree a couple times a year (if that) -- $42 for a filet mignon is definitely a special occasion dinner! Anyhow, I decided in the end to have a couple glasses of red wine (shared a bottle), Then I saw that the filet came with whipped potatoes and garlic butter. I asked if they could bring the butter on the side, thinking I would only have it if I felt like the potatoes and/or steak would be greatly improved with it. But the waitress told me there was also dairy in the whipped potatoes. So I said what the heck, and just went for it -- put the dang butter on top of the steak as it's intended! And IT WAS SO GOOD. And then we had a "foofy" cocktail after dinner (the place is known for its variety of martinis). I had a Manhattan ("small batch bourbon with a dash of bitters and a hint of cherry juice" - I tossed the cherry garnish). So - two glasses of wine, one bourbon, and butter are my ultimate demise. And I don't regret it. It was an awesome dinner and we had a really good time. I guess my "well behaved" parts of dinner were that I didn't have even a taste of my son's dessert (although, I'm not generally a dessert person and don't struggle with the sugar dragon much), and the steak/potatoes/zucchini was probably the most compliant thing on the menu (but I would have picked it no matter what, since filet mignon is my fav). I plan to remain W30 for the next five days, so mine will be an imperfect W30, but it was a fairly perfect W24.5. I'm reading FFF right now, and hope to do a better job with reintroductions next week than I have in the past. Onward!
  2. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    With only a week to go, it feels like my resolve is waning. I'm feeling uninspired in the kitchen and my boring meals are reflecting that. Be glad that I'm not posting photos anymore. A gooey pizza with lots of cheese and a cold beer sounds so good (which is exactly what so abruptly ended my second round). And making things worse, my daughter, who is generally my biggest support, quit her Dryuary tonight. I guess she and her work team had an especially stressful day and they all went to happy hour. She texted this to me while I was in the grocery store trying to find some ready-to-eat compliant dinner. It was so tempting (especially after her text, and an unusually long commute home) to just grab a tray of sushi and a bottle of wine. But I didn't. New Seasons has a very nice deli counter, and I got some marinated tri-tip steak, some sort of cauliflower/olive dish that looked good, and sesame green beans. All of it compliant, except some canola oil in the steak and cauliflower dishes (which both also had olive oil, so hopefully the canola oil is a small amount). And I walked right on past the wine aisle. I'm sticking with it, but feeling pretty weak. It even occurred to me after I got home that I could run up to the corner store and buy just a little can of wine (they do have a very nice selection of canned wine ... LOL!). It just somehow sounds comforting to sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and the fire going, something mellow on TV while zoning out on my phone. But I'm SOOOOO close (we're all so close, right?) - I just need to manage one more week, or for now, just one more evening.
  3. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    I'm finished with Invisalign! Last night the dentist removed the attachments on my teeth and now I only have to wear a retainer at night. Yay! My teeth are looking straighter than ever, and I love it! Today is my first day not having to wear the plastic trays, which does make me feel more like snacking .... with the trays, it was too much of a bother to just have a little nibble of something, since I'd have to take the trays out, eat whatever, go brush my teeth and clean the trays, and put them back in. Hopefully the "snacking freedom" novelty will quickly wear off, but in the meantime, I ate two dates and a small handful of pistachios this morning, and also sipped down three cups of coffee at my desk. Not at all a "mini meal," but at least still compliant. While I'm logged in here, I'll post my Day 20 meals (yesterday): M1 - Leftover egg/bacon/sweet potato/asparagus casserole, avocado. M2 - Spinach salad with red peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, turkey lunchmeat, vinaigrette. Also, a few leftover bacon-wrapped dates with almonds (which were a side dish with the pork carnitas I got at Cultured Caveman, and I forgot to mention I had three of those with dinner a couple nights ago). M3 - Chicken, dredge in almond flour, dipped in egg/mustard mix, then coated with pulverized cashews and fried, dipped in mix of mayo/spicy mustard, side of baked sweet potato with ghee. @BabyBear, I think there's a way to "embed" the photos into a post by linking to another website/platform where you have them stored, but it's a bit above my technical expertise and I haven't spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. I tried to upload a photo to Instagram and then link it in my post (I think you do it by clicking "Insert other media" then "insert image from URL") but maybe bc my Instagram is private that didn't work.
  4. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    @BabyBear, you’re SO sweet to check in with me! I’ve been lazy about posting (and reading posts, too), but I’m still on board!! I think when I wasn’t able to upload photos anymore, I sort of lost my “posting” motivation. But I’ve been taking photos and keeping track of what I’m eating. This is a longer post since I’m making up for a few days’ missed time. I did blow it with one rule - I stepped on the scale this morning. I actually went to the garage, dug the ladder out from behind the suitcases, and climbed up to get it. I feel bad that I did it, but fortunately I don’t think it will change anything as far as my Whole30 experience. I’ve lost two pounds since the start. I am incredibly relieved I haven’t gained any weight, which was my main concern. But honestly, I’d take a few extra pounds if it meant less shoulder pain and regular good nights of sleep. Shoulder. I see my PMC doctor tomorrow, and I’m anxious to see what she says. It does seem my shoulder pain has eased up a bit in the last couple days, but that could be related to the high dose of Naproxen my doctor prescribed. Or maybe it’s tiger blood! Sleep. Sleep has been decent, and sometimes great. On Friday night, my sleep score was 89, which is incredible for me. I am typically in the 65-74 range. In addition to the high dose of Naproxen I'm taking, I have trazadone, which I started taking at bedtime when my shoulder started getting really bad. I'm sure that plays into sleeping better. Wine cravings. I wanted wine this weekend more than I have so far on this round. Maybe it was the self-pity about my shoulder stuff. I didn’t do it, though! My daughter decided to take a night off from her Dryuary, which made it even harder. She didn't drink in the house or in front of me, but just knowing that my sister, brother-in-law, best friend and daughter have ALL given in to temptation made it harder for me to stick with it. My next door neighbor is also doing a Dryuary, and he tells me he's been true to it. Geez, it seems like I'm surrounded by a bunch of lushes (myself included)!!! NSV - On Wednesday, a colleague mentioned how bright and fresh my skin seemed. Felt good. Okay, catching up on food log, for whatever it’s worth. Wednesday/Day 15 M1 - scrambled eggs, sautéed zucchini, avocado M2 - Spinach salad with red peppers, onions, pouch of albacore, vinaigrette, apple M3 - Chicken pot pie soup (From 40 Aprons, in the Instant Pot. This was really good! I did have to add quite a bit of salt, though, otherwise it tasted a little too sweet or something, probably from the coconut milk). Made for excellent leftovers. Thursday/Day 16 M1 - Fried eggs, sautéed zucchini, avocado, black coffee M2 - Leftover chicken pot pie soup Snack - Three dates M3 - Applegate turkey lunchmeat, steamed broccoli with ghee, mayo/spicy mustard for dipping Friday/Day 17 M1 - Scrambled eggs and sautéed spinach with Frank’s Red Hot, black coffee M2 - Leftover chicken pot pie soup M3 - Can of chicken mixed with mayo, with cucumber slices (I piled the chicken on the cucumber and at it by hand) Saturday/Day 18: M1 - Egg/bacon/asparagus/sweet potato casserole, half an avocado, black coffee. (Casserole from Paleo Running Momma. I vacuum sealed it in single servings, and have been popping it into simmering water to re-heat, turns out great! Day-old eggs in the microwave always turn out too dry or rubbery for my taste). M2 - Applegate turkey lunchmeat, sliced peppers (I rolled the peppers up in the meat and dipped it in spicy mustard), a handful or two of almonds. M3 - Pork Carnitas with jicama slaw and green chile aioli (from the Cultured Caveman, a local paleo restaurant). AMAZING. I had these during a previous round and forgot how great they are. The tortillas are made with eggs, EVOO, tapioca flour, coconut flour and sea salt. Snack - handful of chopped apple (my son made it for himself and I grabbed a handful) Sunday/Day 19: M1 - Leftover egg/bacon/asparagus casserole, half an avocado, black coffee x2. M2 - I really can’t call this a meal because it wasn’t “proper” and it wasn’t much food. Out running a bunch of errands with my daughter, and she really wanted to stop for a bite to eat. I had really good leftovers from last night, so didn’t want to eat much, so I ordered a simple salad with sliced radishes and sunflower seeds, and put balsamic and olive oil on it. M3 - Leftover pork carnitas tacos (x3)
  5. That's an awesome NSV!!!
  6. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Days 13 and 14. Sleep - Monday night - 6 hrs 20 mins, 86 score. I like when my scores fall into the 80+ "good" range instead of the "fair" range! Tuesday night, 6 hrs 15 mins, 75 score. I think factors which are affecting my sleep score are mainly (1) not getting to bed early enough and/or reading too long after getting in bed, and (2) shoulder pain which wakes me regularly throughout the night. Shoulder - I had an x-ray yesterday and saw the physical therpast this morning. Severe calcific tendonitis (which we already knew), but now add to it adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) in the first/acute stage (freezing). Apparently this is something that will get worse (more painful, less ROM) before better, and PT won't be effective until I get to the second/third stages (frozen/thawing). The process can take 2+ years. PT said another cortisone shot won't likely help (I just had one a month ago), and surgery isn't generally an approach for this. So discouraging to think this pain is going to continue to get worse for quite some time. She did tell me that an anti-inflammatory diet such as Whole30 is very helpful. I don't cry a lot, but this appointment brought tme to tears. Then I reminded myself it isn't a cancer diagnosis, and it isn't permanent - put things in perspective and I can get through it. Day 13/Monday: Breakfast-eggs, spinach, avocado; Lunch-spinach salad with red peppers, cucumber, avocado, albacore pouch and vinaigrette; Dinner-chicken breast baked with Mustard BBQ, steamed-then-sauteed brussels sprouts/garlic, handful of marcona almonsds. Day 14/Tuesday: Breakfast-eggs, sauteed peppers, blob of cashew butter; Lunch-spinach salad with red peppers, cucumber, avocado and compliant turkey lunchmeat, vinaigrette; Dinner-chicken breast baked with Mustard BBQ, steamed-then-sauteed brussels sprouts/garlic, spoonful of cashew butter. Also had three medjool dates after dinner. Wine cravings - nope! My daughter has had some wine cravings the last couple nights - she had a couple rough days at work, and then when she watches The Bachelor (blechk!) it triggers her even more. But she's sticking with it! She has a party on Saturday night that she is contemplating whether she will have drinks or not. She asked me last night if I will judge her if she does -- of course not! I'm proud of her for her journey, and I know she (like me) is learning quite a bit from it, regardless of whether it's a solid Dryuary or not. It'll be interesting to see how we approach February. (For some reason, I'm not able to upload my Day #14 photo -- it's the same size as Day 13. Weird. I'll try again later, or tomorrow).
  7. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Agreed. And one of the things we talked about was that the victory isn't in making it through January without a drink, but in those moments when we say no to a drink when we most want it, and LEARNING SOMETHING from that moment ... i.e. Why did I want it so much right then? Is there some other need that can be filled with something other than a glass of wine? What would have been different (better or worse) if I had imbibed? What did I gain (or lose) by saying no thanks? I think the same can be said for our food choices.
  8. I've never heard a fried egg described a sophisticated -- love it!
  9. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Days 11 and 12. These days were the toughest for me so far. I was hungry, none of the food sounded very good, I craved wine or beer, and I woke up this morning with a headache. But I stuck with it. It's really helpful that I have such an awesome daughter - we had a few conversations about our relationship(s) with alcohol. For her, it's learning that she can have a great time at social events without (even if she's the only one not drinking), and feeling confident getting behind the wheel before coming home, or not spending $$ on a Lyft. For me, it's finding peace in my weekened/evening boredom. You'll see in one of my photos below that we started a puzzle. I haven't done one for years, and forgot how engaging it can be! Anyhow, we are both feeling pretty proud of ourselves, and of each other, for sticking with it. Sleep - Saturday night - 6.5 hours, 73 score; Sunday night - 7 hrs 20 mins, 82 sleep score (yay!). Shoulder - Really uncomfortable/painful. I've got a request in to my doctor to decide on next steps in treatment. I know my sleep will improve once my shoulder is feeling better. Saturday - M1: Scrambled eggs w shredded sweet potato and asparagus, bacon, avocado, apple. M2: Leftover chicken salad, steamed broccoli, olives, remainder of morning apple. I also had this La Croix drink I'd never seen - Cofea Exotica. I'm on the fence with this - it's very odd, but maybe it's okay? M3: Ground beef with potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini on top of fresh spinach, olives. Sunday: M1: Leftover ground beef/veggie dish, Mustard BBQ sauce, avocado, black coffee. M2: Roast beef, sauteed asparagus, carrots & celery with cashew butter, apple (gawd, I love these Cosmic Crisp apples so much). M3: Roast beef, steamed broccoli w ghee, baked potato w ghee. Snack: Three medjool dates, more carrots/celery with cashew butter. Also, went to the dentist this morning and it looks like I've got another week with the Invisalign trays in. Rats!
  10. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Day 10. (Yesterday) Sleep/Shoulder: I’m having a hard time sleeping bc of shoulder pain. I’ve been icing it, and doing a couple of the easier PT exercises, but most of the PT is just too painful. I bought a shoulder brace/strap which I wore last night but it didn’t seem to help. I think I will call Monday and get a referral to a specialist to figure out next steps. I can’t go on like this. Meal 1: two eggs, sautéed spinach and onions, avocado, Franks Red Hot, black coffee. Meal 2: Chipotle salad bowl with chicken. Snack: Turkey meat stick. Meal 3: Deli roast beef, roasted asparagus, reheated potatoes with w30 ketchup. Snack: Dates, celery/carrots with cashew butter. Hot tea Wine cravings: Definitely wanted some wine tonight. Didn’t help that I had a phone call with my friend who is also doing W30/Dryuary, and she was BUZZED!! She said she decided to allow herself vodka and unsweetened grapefruit juice. What?!?! She is doing all this mostly just for weight loss, so I suppose she isn’t feeling the need to be quite so strict. She’s proud that I’m sticking with it, but she was one of my best support people, and I was already craving a drink before I talked to her. Fortunately I don’t have any wine in the house and I’m not nearly as “weak” to the liquor cabinet, so I got through with herbal tea. And ... my daughter went to a board game party last night, where they had a full bar with the husband mixing cocktails on request. She said it was so hard, but she got through it and had a fun time. I’m proud of her. I think is harder to be young and single and out in a weekend and avoid drinking than for an older homebody like me!
  11. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Day 9. Sleep: 6 hrs 20 min; 74/fair score. Shoukder: terrible. Meal 1: one egg, 2 bacons, pan fried potatoes with ketchup, Israeli chopped salad, black coffee (2 cups today) Meal 2: Spinach, 1/2 avocado, red peppers, roast beef, balsamic vinaigrette, and a pear. Meal 3: chicken salad with apples and slivered almonds on lettuce, baked potato fries, ketchup and dump ranch. Wine: Still fine. Which is weird but I’m glad for it. Not missing it at all yet. But ... my son’s birthday is 1/25 and we usually go out (him, my daughter and me) for a nice dinner and drinks. Still deciding if I’m going to imbibe and break my W30 or if I’m going to stick with it. The kids have both decided already they are breaking their Dryuary’s for Mitch’s birthday. I suppose in addition to the one paying for it I I could be their designated driver (saving me the Lyft fare!). We will see. Still contemplating.
  12. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    I thought my breakfast had enough fat "bulit in" that I didn't add a plated fat. Plus since I had two pieces of bacon I decided to go with just one egg. It's 10;45 and I can totally tell the difference! I'm ready for lunch now, but I'm going to hold off for another hour.
  13. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Day 8. Nothing too interesting to report so I will just jump in with the mundane details. Sleep: 6 hrs 45 mins, 77 sleep score (fair). But an hour and 20 mins of this was deep sleep, which is a lot for me. Shoulder: I bought a brace on Amazon which should arrive Saturday. It is painful and not getting better. Meal 1: two eggs overeasy, sautéed spinach and peppers, avocado, strawberries, black coffee. Meal 2: leftover cauliflower and meatballs with half an avocado. Even better the second day. Also a Cosmic Crisp apple. Meal 3: Israeli Chopped Salad (ate it sort of like an appetizer, and it is so good! Took a while to make - lots of chopping - but worth it!). More cauliflower and meatballs. I wonder why it looks so different between the lunch photo and the dinner photo? Maybe the fluorescent lights at work?). Wine cravings: Still doing good with this. In prior rounds this part was much harder. I was doing Noom for 7 months prior to this round, though, and spent quite a bit of time and energy working on my habits, behaviors, thought patterns around wine and I think it has really helped. I did think about bread and butter today, though - it would sure taste good with this cauliflower meatball soup.
  14. Ann

    First timer starting January 2!

    The good news, then, is that next week will be easier, right? Good job sticking to it when things aren’t going quite as you had planned.
  15. Ann

    Ann’s Struggles+Successes

    Day 7. I can’t believe we are already a week in! Almost a quarter of the way there! Maybe it’s because I knew what to expect and thus went into it well prepared (shopping-wise and mentally), and maybe it has a little to do with my Invisalign braces which have made it difficult to snack between meals (so I rarely have for the last 6 months), but this has been the easiest one I’ve done so far. We will see how things go after I’m done with the Invisalign next Monday (again, I can’t WAIT!). Sleep: 6.5 hours, 76 sleep score. I stayed up too late reading (good book, hard to stop). Shoulder: Hurts quite a bit today. It even hurts to turn on the blinker in my car. Ugh. Meal 1: frittata type thing with 2 eggs, spinach, spiralized zucchini, pico de Gallo, avocado, black coffee. Meal 2: leftover carnitas (from Chipotle - the rest of the salad didn’t hold up for a second day), fresh spinach, avocado, red pepper, vinaigrette, Cosmic Crisp apple. Snack: Beef sticks. Meal 3: Siva’s Cauliflower and Meatballs (Mediterranean Paleo Cookbook). I’ve made this several times, even when not on a round, and it is SO good. Also had (another) Cosmic Crisp apple with almond butter to get a fat in. And because these apples are amazing. I’m prob overdoing the fruit because of them. Wine cravings. My daughter loves to watch The Bachelor. I don’t. It used to be the only way I would sit with her while it was if we had wine. Guess what’s on my TV right now (recorded from last night)? And guess who is being a good sport with a can of fizzy water in her hand? Okay, that’s it for today I guess. Will aim for lights out at 10:30.