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  1. It's over, folks. Kind of. I made a deliberate and considered decision last night to go off plan. It was my son's 26th birthday, and I took him and my daughter out for a very nice dinner. I've been thinking about how I was going to approach this dinner since before I started this round, contemplating whether I'd go off plan and have a glass of wine. While we do eat out often, we only splurge to this degree a couple times a year (if that) -- $42 for a filet mignon is definitely a special occasion dinner! Anyhow, I decided in the end to have a couple glasses of red wine (shared a bot
  2. With only a week to go, it feels like my resolve is waning. I'm feeling uninspired in the kitchen and my boring meals are reflecting that. Be glad that I'm not posting photos anymore. A gooey pizza with lots of cheese and a cold beer sounds so good (which is exactly what so abruptly ended my second round). And making things worse, my daughter, who is generally my biggest support, quit her Dryuary tonight. I guess she and her work team had an especially stressful day and they all went to happy hour. She texted this to me while I was in the grocery store trying to find some ready-to-e
  3. I'm finished with Invisalign! Last night the dentist removed the attachments on my teeth and now I only have to wear a retainer at night. Yay! My teeth are looking straighter than ever, and I love it! Today is my first day not having to wear the plastic trays, which does make me feel more like snacking .... with the trays, it was too much of a bother to just have a little nibble of something, since I'd have to take the trays out, eat whatever, go brush my teeth and clean the trays, and put them back in. Hopefully the "snacking freedom" novelty will quickly wear off, but in the meantime,
  4. @BabyBear, you’re SO sweet to check in with me! I’ve been lazy about posting (and reading posts, too), but I’m still on board!! I think when I wasn’t able to upload photos anymore, I sort of lost my “posting” motivation. But I’ve been taking photos and keeping track of what I’m eating. This is a longer post since I’m making up for a few days’ missed time. I did blow it with one rule - I stepped on the scale this morning. I actually went to the garage, dug the ladder out from behind the suitcases, and climbed up to get it. I feel bad that I did it, but fortunately I
  5. Days 13 and 14. Sleep - Monday night - 6 hrs 20 mins, 86 score. I like when my scores fall into the 80+ "good" range instead of the "fair" range! Tuesday night, 6 hrs 15 mins, 75 score. I think factors which are affecting my sleep score are mainly (1) not getting to bed early enough and/or reading too long after getting in bed, and (2) shoulder pain which wakes me regularly throughout the night. Shoulder - I had an x-ray yesterday and saw the physical therpast this morning. Severe calcific tendonitis (which we already knew), but now add to it adhesive capsulitis (frozen should
  6. Agreed. And one of the things we talked about was that the victory isn't in making it through January without a drink, but in those moments when we say no to a drink when we most want it, and LEARNING SOMETHING from that moment ... i.e. Why did I want it so much right then? Is there some other need that can be filled with something other than a glass of wine? What would have been different (better or worse) if I had imbibed? What did I gain (or lose) by saying no thanks? I think the same can be said for our food choices.
  7. I've never heard a fried egg described a sophisticated -- love it!
  8. Days 11 and 12. These days were the toughest for me so far. I was hungry, none of the food sounded very good, I craved wine or beer, and I woke up this morning with a headache. But I stuck with it. It's really helpful that I have such an awesome daughter - we had a few conversations about our relationship(s) with alcohol. For her, it's learning that she can have a great time at social events without (even if she's the only one not drinking), and feeling confident getting behind the wheel before coming home, or not spending $$ on a Lyft. For me, it's finding peace in my weekened/evening b
  9. Day 10. (Yesterday) Sleep/Shoulder: I’m having a hard time sleeping bc of shoulder pain. I’ve been icing it, and doing a couple of the easier PT exercises, but most of the PT is just too painful. I bought a shoulder brace/strap which I wore last night but it didn’t seem to help. I think I will call Monday and get a referral to a specialist to figure out next steps. I can’t go on like this. Meal 1: two eggs, sautéed spinach and onions, avocado, Franks Red Hot, black coffee. Meal 2: Chipotle salad bowl with chicken. Snack: Turkey meat stick. Meal 3: Deli roast
  10. Day 9. Sleep: 6 hrs 20 min; 74/fair score. Shoukder: terrible. Meal 1: one egg, 2 bacons, pan fried potatoes with ketchup, Israeli chopped salad, black coffee (2 cups today) Meal 2: Spinach, 1/2 avocado, red peppers, roast beef, balsamic vinaigrette, and a pear. Meal 3: chicken salad with apples and slivered almonds on lettuce, baked potato fries, ketchup and dump ranch. Wine: Still fine. Which is weird but I’m glad for it. Not missing it at all yet. But ... my son’s birthday is 1/25 and we usually go out (him, my daughter and me) for a nice dinner
  11. I thought my breakfast had enough fat "bulit in" that I didn't add a plated fat. Plus since I had two pieces of bacon I decided to go with just one egg. It's 10;45 and I can totally tell the difference! I'm ready for lunch now, but I'm going to hold off for another hour.
  12. Day 8. Nothing too interesting to report so I will just jump in with the mundane details. Sleep: 6 hrs 45 mins, 77 sleep score (fair). But an hour and 20 mins of this was deep sleep, which is a lot for me. Shoulder: I bought a brace on Amazon which should arrive Saturday. It is painful and not getting better. Meal 1: two eggs overeasy, sautéed spinach and peppers, avocado, strawberries, black coffee. Meal 2: leftover cauliflower and meatballs with half an avocado. Even better the second day. Also a Cosmic Crisp apple. Meal 3: Israeli Chopped Salad (ate
  13. The good news, then, is that next week will be easier, right? Good job sticking to it when things aren’t going quite as you had planned.
  14. Day 7. I can’t believe we are already a week in! Almost a quarter of the way there! Maybe it’s because I knew what to expect and thus went into it well prepared (shopping-wise and mentally), and maybe it has a little to do with my Invisalign braces which have made it difficult to snack between meals (so I rarely have for the last 6 months), but this has been the easiest one I’ve done so far. We will see how things go after I’m done with the Invisalign next Monday (again, I can’t WAIT!). Sleep: 6.5 hours, 76 sleep score. I stayed up too late reading (good book, hard to stop).