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Almost done-question


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Ok I have posted a few times during the course of my whole30 and it is almost over! I am on day 28. I am a nursing momma to a 1 yr old and already pretty lean. I did whole30 to try to get back to a better way of eating and to see if I have some dairy/gluten issues. So far it has been going well, but I have lost weight. This is not my intent. I purposely ate more after week 1 when I started to notice the weight go, but j am wondering how I can keep the weight on?

Typical day of eating:

Meal 1: 2 eggs, chicken sausage, sweet potato hash, guacamole (lots!) cooked in coconut oil

Meal 2: chicken/tuna salad with homemade mayo, broccoli, cabbage and more avacado or guac or maybe a leafy green salad with chicken with homemade dressing and guac plus fruit

Meal 3: burger with sweet potato fries and some other green veggie or maybe spaghetti squash spaghetti with zucchini usually something is cooked in olive or coconut oil

Snack: banana with almond butter

Usually I will also have one or 2 snack during the day with some protein fat and veggies or fruit.

My plates are FULL for every meal.

Any suggestions on how I can keep the weight on? I definitely feel like I am eating a lot, but not sure. Context: female. Nursing mom, 5'1 about 105lbs is my guess. I have always been pretty small.

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Yeah, nursing moms can tear up some food. Hopefully a mod can confirm this - I'd add some more starchy carbs and fruit, It looks like you've already upped the fat. Check that you are getting enough protein. As a nursing mom, you are likely in the 2 palm group. If none of that works, you might be one of the rare exceptions to the don't drink your food rule. Consider the dreaded smoothie. I had one once with pumpkin that was amazing, and while satisfying, it wasn't too sweet.

Are you actually losing weight, or reshaping/fitting into your clothes differently? Not that I'd be surprised at weight loss while nursing. I lost all the 40 pounds I gained while pregnant in 6 months while eating like a hog and nursing my little piglet. (Good times)

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I would guess I am losing some weight. My clothes are all too big now. But yes I lost all the baby weight within the first few months of nursing too.

Before whole30 I was eating a lot but not very good foods. So now I feel like I am also eating a lot but just all good stuff.

I might need to make sure I have starchy carbs with each meal and I am eating quite a bit of fruit I would say, more than 3 servings a day probably. It just feels like I am a garbage disposal but I just can't seem to eat enough to keep from losing weight while on whole30. Maybe my body will settle down after this initial shock.

Maybe for an extra snack I could do a smoothie and throw some added fat in there for calories?

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