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July 22nd Reinto Thread


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Hey there!


The only thing that I have reintroduced is red wine. And I have come to a very sad realization that when I drink the wine my "allergies" go nuts. Waking during the night with drainage, stuffy head, pressure headache. Doesn't seem to matter if it's one glass or three - the effects are within hours and last at least an additional 24 hours. Needless to say I am sad about this :( Seems like a cabernet is harder to deal with then a red blend.


Looks like I will only have red wine on special occasions, or if I don't mind feeling like I have been drug through the pollen field!


I am really enjoying "continuing" my Whole 30. In fact I am now down another 3.4 pounds on this round! Keeping it simple and easy - works great and I am really loving what I am preparing and eating! Don't feel like I am "missing out" on junk because I know the taste of anything won't cancel out how crappy it makes me feel physically!

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