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24 HOUR workout/WODs. Need fueling advice!


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This weekend I'm doing a "24-hour WOD" at my gym. One workout, every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours (7am Saturday to 7am Sunday). The gym has a paleo company bringing some meals but I'm wondering how to manage this in terms of ongoing fuels and, mostly, having to disband the "3 meals a day" approach of Whole30. I am confident I can stay Whole30 compliant, except that I will likely need to be eating on an ongoing basis. Does this mean I will need to restart Whole30 from Day 1 after Sunday? And, what ongoing fuels do you recommend for me to bring beyond the expected (sweet potato, nuts, avocado, coco water, etc.)



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Um, why???? ;-) just kidding, but I think if you have enough compliant snacks and they will be providing compliant meals you will be fine, if not exhausted! ;-)

You are going to be doing 23 times the normal amount of high intensity exercise you would normally do in one day, so it makes sense that you would need to eat more than 3 meals, right? Maybe not 23 meals, but more than 3!

I wouldn't worry so much about eating 3 meals as I would about eating compliantly. This is an extreme situation, so as long as you are smart about it, there would be no reason to have to start your whole30 over again just because you ate more than 3 meals in a 24 hour period. Heck, I have more than 3 meals on days that I run and do CrossFit. I need it! It's all good as long as the food is good!

Have fun! Would love to hear how it went afterwards!!

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