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Turning a corner on day 12!

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Just want to report an amazing change on day 12--I managed to go from lunch at 1:00 to dinner 7 hours later at 8:00 without feeling like I HAD to eat. I felt a little hungry around 5:00, but it was not true hunger, and it passed. (By true hunger I mean that I visualized plain steamed fish and broccoli and it didn't sound appealing--the thought of eating it made me feel full.) Dinner was ready at 7:00 but I didn't feel hungry enough to eat. This is a huge change for me. With insulin resistance, I felt like I HAD to eat every 3-4 hours. I can't express how incredible it feels to not only be able to go so long between meals sometimes (not all the time) but to also to feel satisfied with much smaller meals. Two cups of veggies plus 4 ounces or so of protein and some fat, and I can't eat another bite. Also, I gave up coffee on Day 1 and now, finally, I don't miss it. Let's hope I keep this up. To anyone out there struggling in the first week or so, it does get easier. Hang in there.

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