Today, Thursday August 22, I have completed day 1.


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Hey There Big Whole30ers,

Through a gradual process of elimination, I have finally arrived at my first day of whole 30. Which was hard. My meals have been compliant for about 5 days now, but protein shakes, sugar free gum and the occasional cigarette were the last things to kick. I have never attempted such a strict format before, however I have been off sugar for a year and have eaten paleo in the past. I am an enthusiastic chef and am excited to already have found joy in my plate that mirrors the template. My biggest challenge is going to be a meal schedule that works with my long vigorous workouts and late night obligations. I find that I am always hungry and am eager to snack, especially with low carb. I am going to keep an eye on this. In fact I think I will skip fruit all together and keep nuts to a topping to prevent over indulgence or waking my sugar dragon. I find myself popping a lot of hard boiled eggs, but it could be worse. I suppose it gets easier..... 

Love this community thing, especially since I'm doing this alone. Would welcome comments and support! Happy to connect with others on the same path!!!



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Congratulations! It's such a great feeling getting Day 1 under your belt.


If you like to cook, I highly recommend a few sessions of batch cooking so you've always got something in the freezer. And check out the really great blog post about avoiding EPS (empty plate syndrome), it's got a ton of great links to Whole30-compliant cooking sites (as I type, I'm eating my breakfast at my desk: Italian breakfast bake from the blog "stuff I make my husband", it's delicious and a huge time saver for me in the mornings)


I'm almost 1/2 way through my 2nd Whole30, completed my first last September/October and loved it (except two days in there, there were 2 bad/hard days).


I learned two things about snacking from my first W30. And I think these two lessons made a very big difference for me. 1) If you are getting hungry between meals, there's a good chance you didn't get enough fat or protein (though it seems way more common from seeing posts that people go too low on the fat in a meal, all that life time of hearing "fat bad"). So try the keeping a meal log with your snacking, or just think about what your last meal was and tweak the fats/protein it for the next meal.

2) I've found that a snack that has fat and protein will really do the trick.  So, grab that hard boiled egg but eat it with some olives or nuts; or grab that apple but eat it with some nut butter and an egg or jerky. For me, just a harboiled egg (or just a handful of nuts or just an apple) will usually mean another snack in about an hour or two if I'm truly hungry and still a ways out from my meal.


I'm no marathon-exercise-session-kind-of-girl, but if you're following the meal template from W30 and still wanting a lot of snacks, you may need to be on the larger size portion of the template since you sound really active. I've seen some really great forum posts/discussions here about people with odd work-shifts, there might be some good tips for you.


Good luck with your Whole30! I hope you really enjoy it:)

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Thank you all so much for the support!! I appreciate the tips and the blog suggestions. Its all going pretty well so far. Day 4 and feeling pretty good. Just got home from work did feel hungry so I had 2 hard boiled eggs and a handful of macadamia nuts. Its late, but I worked hard and I can't seem to sleep without something. I have been cooking great eats though..curried cauliflower with coconut cream is unbeleivable and seems to go with every meal, awesome with grass fed ground beef.  I feel less anxious about eating when my choices and meal times are limited. I think I'm enjoying this...

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