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Parties and Snacking


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On day 29 and we had a birthday party for both of my boys today!


I made sure there were things I could eat at the party -- homemade compliant meatballs and sauce, raw veggies, guacamole, and fruit. No problem, and I didn't eat any of the chips, sandwiches, or cake that were also there.


However, I so easily slipped into that mindless eating, party snacking mentality. I feel like I walked over to the veggie and guacamole tray often, although I was no longer hungry. I definitely overate, and feel like although I ate healthy things, I still wasn't in control of my eating. I dislike that I was constantly snacking, and I realize now that I like getting good and hungry before a meal rather than feeling pretty full all day long. Plus, it's evening and I feel like eating something even though I don't normally snack at night anymore, just because I'm in that mindframe. Reminds me of the old days where I would just tell myself that I could eat whatever I want and just get back on track in the morning, you know?


Anyway, this was rambly, just wanted to vent, I guess. I know that 30 days isn't it for me, I still have food issues to get control of.

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I always make sure I go to parties with a full stomach, and say no to everything, or take my own supplies. If I start, I know ill keep picking at things - I know this will happen, so I just don't let myself :)

(I do make exceptions if its a special occasion, or if the food is spectacular...most of the time it's not..)

Well done for identifying that you let yourself go in a free for all, even if it was all compliant :)

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