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Michele's Whole 30 9/3/13 - Take 2

Michele West

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The hubs and I are struggling today! We keep "almost" convincing each other to throw in the towel :(


A glass of wine sounds so good right now! Tomorrow is day 14 and two more weeks of this seems like an eternity......


He would like us to keep a clean diet 6 days out of 7 allowing us to have the occasional alcoholic beverage a few of the days of the week. I'm afraid if we stop now that I'll fall right back into my old ways and I DON'T want that!


Anyway, rant/complaining over.....things may feel better after we eat dinner.

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I think it's totally normal to have those thoughts. You're being smart by not giving into it :) I felt that way on Friday after work, so I totally get it. I sometimes say to myself that I deserve it because it was such a stressful week! But, what I deserve is a great night's sleep and a healthy dinner. Dinner does help I think! Hang in there!

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Dinner is in the oven and smells great! I think we're all hungry ;)


I told hubby that if he wants to stop, it would be OK.....harder for me, but OK. He's in great physical shape and will eat whatever I make. He was really going along for my sake.


I would just hate to not finish, Last time after only making it to Day 21, I felt serious regret and like I failed. I also went completely off the rails and binged on so much junk! I don't want to look at food/drink as the enemy whether we make it to the end or if we decide to end early.....

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Day 14! 9/16/13 1/2 Way (for us)


Well, we made it through yesterday :D  The pity party is over and we're committed to seeing this through. Although we're ending on Day 28. We leave for our Hawaiian vacation on 10/2 and as it's celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, we don't want to be as restricted. We are going to try and stay as close to reintroduction as possible.


Thank you for all the supportive comments!


M1: Chicken/Apple Sausage, Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Bell Pepper + Onion Hash, Cantaloupe + Hot Green Tea


M2: Some sort of leftovers out of the fridge


M3: Same as M2

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Day 15! 9/17/13


I had to fast this morning for blood work, so my meals are all a bit off. And I'm so excited to be able to go to a Spin class today! I live on a military base in a small town in CA and our class options are very limited. Unfortuantely, it won't be a regular thing, but I'll take what I can get.


M1: HB Egg + Lara Bar (This was easy to pack and eat after my labs were done.)


M2: Sweet Potato, Bell Pepper, Onion + Mushroom Hash with Chicken Sausage


Pre WO: I'm not sure if I'll need this, but I'll have either a small handful of cashews or another HB Egg.


Post WO: Few bites of Chicken Breast.


M3: Leftovers! Not sure what yet....


M4: Leftovers again! We need to eat up some of this food before I cook again;)

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Day 16! 9/18/13


I've been having some crazy dreams lately! My sleep has been off the last couple of nights. I think I need to try and get to bed a bit earlier. I've felt like I could take a nap the last few afternoons or even shortly after getting up to start the day.


On the upside, Spin was awesome yesterday! I think I've found a way to fit in one class a week to my schedule!


Today I'm off to a fitness class that is put on at a local church. A friend took it on Monday and said it's very similar to a Boot Camp that we used to take.


I'm curious if I need to eat a pre-workout meal if, I've had my 1st meal of the day within 2 hours of my workout? Any insight would be appreciated!


M1: Chicken/Apple Sausage + My Typical Sweet Potato Hash, Cantaloupe + Green Tea


Post-WO: Chicken Breast


M2: Leftover Crockpot Meatballs + Salad


M3: Cinnamon + Chili Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Apple Salsa, Mashed Sweet Potato with Shallots + a Green Veggie

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Day 17! 9/19/13


Boy, am I sore today! The workout at the church was awesome! I'm trying to motivate myself to go to Spin today, when I'd rather stay home and relax;) Maybe I'll feel differently when my tea has kicked in!


M1: Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Bell Pepper + Onion Hash with Chicken/Apple Sausage + Green Tea


Pre-WO: HB Egg (Maybe)


Post-WO: Chicken Breast


M2: Tuna with Homemade Mayo, Large Green Salad + Avocado


M3: Taco Bowls

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Day 18! 9/20/13


Well, we're getting closer to the end and our vacation! I'm a bit apprehensive with the weekend here. Hopefully, we don't struggle as much as we did last weekend.


My sleep has been really off! I fall asleep quickly, but wake early and I'm not feeling very rested:(


M1: Sweet Potato Hash, Chicken/Apple Sausage, Fried Eggs, Cantaloupe + Green Tea


M2: Crockpot Meatballs + Salad


M3: Grilled Burgers with Assorted Toppings, Roast Sweet Potatoes + Steamed Green Beans

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Day 19! 9/21/13


I'm feeling a bit under the weather :huh: I have a lot to take care of today to start getting ready for our vacation...let's hope this is just a passing event! I have a feeling this weekend is going to be a struggle. I keep thinking of all the restaurants that I want to go to while out running errands today....and I have a craving for a Starbucks Frappuccino! Ugh!


M1: Chicken/Apple Sausage, Sweet Potato Hash, Two Fried Eggs, Cantaloupe, Strawberries + Hot Green Tea (I upped the fruit for a higher does of Vitamin C).


M2: We'll be out and about. Chipotle, maybe?


M3: Leftovers

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Day 20! 9/22/13


Ugh, so I'm definitely coming down with something! I have Graves Disease which is an autoimmune condition of the thyroid. My recent labs came back that it's still overactive, so I'm off to see an endocrinologist again! I think the constant sore throats and general icky feeling is attributed to this condition. I'm starting to consider RAI (radioactive iodine therapy). It destroys the crazy part of the thyroid that makes me feel this way......


Anywho, Day 20 is pretty impressive! Last go around I made it to Day 21. I have to say that without my husband doing it with me I probably would have fallen off the wagon by now. I need to stay off of Pinterest and stop looking at all the fall "treats"!


M1: Two Fried Eggs, Chicken Apple/Sausage, Sweet Potato Hash, Banana + Cantaloup with Hot Green Tea


M2: Unknown....Leftovers or Chicken Salad (need to poach the chicken breast).


M3: I'm marinating a London Broil, so we'll grill that. I also picked up a Brussels Sprout stalk from TJ's yesterday. I'll pan saute those.

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Day 21 9/23/13


Still not feeling very well today :huh: I'm going to skip my workout and try to get the dog out for a walk later on. Maybe some sunshine will help....I'm feeling everything on the timeline today. I woke up without an appetite and felt like I had to choke down my breakfast.


M1: Two Fried Eggs, Sweet Potato Hash, Strawberries + Green Tea


M2: Chicken Salad over Greens


M3: Unknown....probably leftovers.....

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Day 22! 9/24/13


Well, this is an accomplishment! I made it one day farther than my 1st attempt! I plan on heading into my Dr. today to see what's going on with my throat.


The urge to step on the scale has been strong.....I've managed to ignore it for now. Hope to keep it up!


M1: Two Fried Eggs, Chicken/Apple Sausage + Sweet Potato, Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Onion Hash with 1/2 of a Not Very Good Apple


M2: HB Eggs mixed with Homemade Mayo + Pickles over Veggie Filled Salad


M3: Not sure....Chicken Thighs or Crockpot Pork

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Day 23! 9/25/13


One week from today, we'll be on a plane to Oahu! Can't wait! That also happens to be Day 30....our plan is to try and stay as close to plan as possible, but there are no guarantees.


So, I'm in a food rut. Absolutely, nothing sounds good for dinner. I need a quick meal on Wednesday nights and there are zero leftovers, so I'm perusing my Pinterest board(s) and hoping that inspiration strikes....


M1: Same as every other day!


M2: Leftover Grilled Steak, Brussels Sprouts + Salad


M3: I'm leaning toward Crockpot Cuban Pork Lettuce Wraps (Means running to the store for butter lettuce!)

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