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I just did a whole 30 back in July, and I've been eating and feeling pretty awful so I've decided that its time to do another whole program. I haven't decided how long I'll stick with it, but I want the same results that I experienced the first time around. I had clear skin, regular bowels, slept great, felt light, lost fat/inches, and had amazing mental clarity. I literally just felt awesome and I didn't find not eating those foods all that difficult. I began eating foods that didn't make me feel as great when I had a birthday party for my dad, and a family reunion with a lot of foods that obviously were not the best for you.

So my day 1 food log was as follows:

M1: 2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil w/ 1/4 onion and pepper, cup of green beans (eaten at 8 am)

S: chomps snack stick, handful hazelnuts, kale chips (eaten at 12pm)

M2: Salad w/ spinach, and assorted veggies, with chicken, balsamic vinegar and olive oil (eaten around 2:15)

M3: Salmon, asparagus, orange, pickle

And there's my day 1... looking forward to day 2!

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Hi Abby

Not weird at all that you may already feel benefits - less bloating is likely as you drop water weight, and good food makes you feel good :)

I'd really suggest upping your breakfast - it's light in protein and maybe a bit of fat. A serve of eggs is as many as you can hold, which is likely 3-4! Also make sure you're getting in 2-3cups of vegies :)

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Thanks amberino :) I've been wondering if I should be upping the fat a little bit, I really need to go shopping, I need to get some other fat sources other than coconut oil, and coconut flakes in the house. I want to buy a new nut butter that I can add to meals (eat it with veggies or sliced apples now that its apple season) and some more olives, and I need to buy some more olive oil so I can make some more mayo :) And tomorrow or this weekend I may do a cook up so I have some foods at the ready for myself as I live in a family of 4 and no one else is interested in eating in this way :/ My mom seems to be pissed off that I am so determined to eat this way, all though all of my benefits she wishes she could have but she's not willing to give up all these things. 


As a side note yesterday I had a Dr appointment, and my Dr said that I look great. I said I cut out a lot of the bad things in my diet and was primarily eating paleo, whole real foods and she seemed impressed. :) Although she did say that I could eat whole grains, but surprisingly enough, I just have no desire for that. I like having a clear head and feeling great. I'm nervous about the Kill all things stage though. 


Day 3:


M1: Today I had 3 eggs, half a red pepper, half an onion, clove garlic all sauteed in coconut oil. I put Man's best Friend Chihuahua hot sauce on it, and drizzled a little EVOO (ingredients: jalapeno peppers, vinegar, kiwi, cilantro, and salt) 


M2: About 2 cups spinach with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peas, broccoli, celery, and Chicken. Red wine vinegar and EVOO were the dressing. Handful of coconut flakes. 


M3: Pork chop, mint pesto spaghetti squash, salad (with balsamic and EVOO), peppers and onions sauteed in olive oil. 

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