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Pre and Post wo


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I'd avoid HB eggs postWO, because of the fat - they're perfect preWO though! You could throw the yolks, but that's a waste of yolk!

Tuna would be ok - no oil postWO though.

Is the sweet potato recipe prepared without fat? Go for it if it is! I find its easy to just bake pieces of potato in the oven and throw a couple in a container!

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Per the meal template, pre WO is a protein and fat. Post WO is a protein and carb-dense vegetable.


The proteins you listed are fine. On the canned tuna, look for tuna canned in water for pre or post WO or olive oil for pre WO only.


Sweet potato is a great example of a post WO starchy veg. What recipe are you referring to? I'm unable to find it in my copy of ISWF.


EDIT: Whoops, just saw Amber and I posted simultaneously. Amber makes a valid point about eggs post WO.

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