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Medication with added sugar?


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I've been doing the Whole30 for the past 9 days and something has been kind of bothering me. There is a medication that I am on that I am certain has some sort of chemically based sugar in it. It is the kind that dissolves in your mouth and they manufacturers have tried to make it slightly less horrendous by flavoring it as "black cherry."  I'd argue with them about what black cherry actually tastes like... but I digress.


Taking it is not optional (and I'm not looking for advice on that). And it isn't something I swallow, you let it dissolve/sit for 10 min in your mouth then rinse out your mouth. I'm wondering if this tiny amount of sugar I might be consuming on a daily basis might mess up this 30 days? I don't know how much of the sugar you absorb through your skin and I can try asking for the non-flavored version next time I refill it. To me it is absolutely disgusting either way so it isn't like this is a "treat" form of sugar like gummy vitamins!


I've just been paranoid that all this work is for not because of this and would like to settle this debate in my mind one way or the other.



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I take Synthroid.  Two of the inert ingredients are corn starch and powdered sugar.  Right now this is my best option.  I take it daily.  There are situations where you can find a totally compliant version of a medication, but if you're like me and can't do that (at least not right now), then keep taking your medication as directed and you're fine for Whole30. 


ETA: regarding results: mine were nothing short of spectacular on my first Whole30.  And at the time I was taking four prescription medications daily, and I'm going to guess that exactly none was Whole30 compliant (in terms of inert ingredients).


Take your meds and Whole30 on!

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