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  1. I found a recipe for kimchi today that I plan to make in the near future. Kimchi is similar to sauerkraut and good in the same ways. I failed at making sauerkraut in two tries, but I am going to try this at least once:
  2. Tom Denham

    Stok cold brew

    The ingredient list includes everything that matters to the Whole30. If there is no alcohol listed in the ingredient list, the product is Whole30-compliant even if the extract is made with alcohol. To put this into context... Sniffing your neighbor's beer means you have some exposure to alcohol, but that would not count against your Whole30. An extract made with alcohol that was not required by law to list alcohol as an ingredient would mean you might have a sniff of exposure. Nothing to worry about.
  3. Tom Denham

    Stok cold brew

    When it comes to an ingredient list, you do not need to investigate possible ingredients within ingredients. The product, based upon the ingredients listed by JenBoo, is Whole30-compliant. When you are in a restaurant, food might be fried in soybean oil, peanut oil, or corn oil without any note in the menu about it. So you have to ask about cooking oils in a restaurant.
  4. Tom Denham

    Cooking fish without oil

    Food sensitivity testing conducted in doctor's offices is notoriously unreliable - false positives and false negatives. I'm just saying. There is a reason the Whole30 asks you to eliminate the typical trouble makers for 30 days and then to reintroduce under controlled conditions. Elimination and then testing is the reliable way to figure out food sensitivity issues.
  5. Something is off in your body if you don't get hungry every 5 hours give or take a bit. So if you eat only two meals a day more than once every other week or so, you need to be trying to figure out what is off.
  6. The Whole30 encourages you to eat when you are hungry AND we encourage you not to snack. The point is that when you are not lasting 4-5 hours between meals, instead of scheduling a snack, make changes to the size and fat content of your meals so that you can last 4-5 hours between meals. This is a critically important skill to being healthy and enjoying food freedom. Keep working on this skill. Skipping it means missing some of the real value of making this effort.
  7. Tom Denham

    protein/fat macros

    I went back and looked at a handful of your previous posts. My concern is that you may still not be eating what I would recognize as well-composed meals all day. At one point, you were getting too many raw veggies versus cooked, nuts in various forms, and you were combining breakfast and your post-workout meal - which means you were missing an important meal. These things tend to mess with your hormones and keep them from getting into the kind of rhythm that supports losing any excess weight. It is okay to spot check your calories/macros every once in a while. The problem with that check, however, is that what it tells you is often not very helpful. For example, eating 65 percent fat is not necessarily good or bad. I did not find a food log for you, although I did not do an exhaustive search. Knowing exactly what you are eating and drinking is the critical piece we would need to provide useful feedback to you.
  8. Tom Denham

    I'm at a loss (or lack thereof) ...

    I am late to this discussion, but want to add that I think LadyShanny and JMCBN are on point. The key to losing weight is gaining the cooperation of your hormones. Unfortunately, intermittent fasting and keto protocols can push your hormones into the opposite rhythms of what you need to lose weight. Any technique to jump start/force weight loss can push your hormones out of a good rhythm. Our culture has taught us that we should try radical new things when what we are doing isn't working. Or isn't working fast enough to suit us. Sometimes new things work. Sometimes new things keep from working what really will work if you let it. When you are following Whole30 best practices - eating within one hour of waking. Eating meals that keep you satisfied 4-5 hours at least 3 times per day. Eating post-workout meals after intense exercise. Drinking 1/2 of water per pound of bodyweight per day. Avoiding nuts and fruit as a snack. Avoiding snacking at all. When you do these things, your body will respond, although it may take longer than you want. Minimizing carbs from starchy veggies can be counterproductive. You can lose weight while eating starchy veggies several times per day, so I am suspicious of protocols that ask you to eliminate them or consume them irregularly. Many people have tried 30 different diets before coming to the Whole30 and, unfortunately, the Whole30 proves to be number 31 and soon they are on to number 32. The thing about the Whole30 is that it is organized to have you eating nutrient dense foods that your body needs on a schedule and in a volume that supports optimum health. There is not a more health-enhancing approach to eating. There are more convenient approaches and there are certainly faster ways to make weight disappear, but no approach will improve your health faster or support your keeping it longer. KellyBurghart, I am glad you heard the blessings in what people have said. I think you are on the right track. Stay strong.
  9. Tom Denham

    Serving Sizes

    Sauces are meant to add flavor to meat or vegetables, so there is no serving size. What you have to do is to decide how much flavor you want on your meat or your veggies. I would start with two tablespoons and keep adding until it looks right or tastes right to you.
  10. Tom Denham

    Can I have lara bars?

    Lara Bars WILL erode the success of your Whole30. You can consume a variety of the flavors without technically violating the Whole30 rules, but why bother to do a Whole30 at all if you don't want to get all you can out of the time?
  11. Tom Denham

    Can I have chicken liver?

    I eat a lot of chicken liver from chickens raised on a farm I visit every week. I never buy ordinary chicken livers at the grocery store because I don't trust how ordinary chickens are raised.
  12. Tom Denham

    Can I have chicken liver?

    Of course. After reading the Whole30 rules, what would make you think you needed to ask?
  13. Tom Denham

    BAD Cholesterol extremely up!

    Why intermittent fasting is not okay during a Whole30
  14. Tom Denham

    BAD Cholesterol extremely up!

    Doctors exaggerated the danger of cholesterol for decades and have only recently begun to acknowledge that high cholesterol fails to predict bad things in most situations. That said, I have a genetic defect that makes me have high cholesterol unless I am on medication. Diet and exercise cannot fix the issue for some people. In any case, please be assured that eggs and coconut oil and red meat are not the problem. I can eat a vegan diet and still have high cholesterol. By the way, I began having my cholesterol tested at about age 29 or 30 and did not learn of my genetic defect until I was about 52. The testing required to learn something like that is not standard.
  15. Tom Denham

    Need a reason to continue

    Your meals look too small. Not eating enough slows your metabolism and stops fat loss. It also can mess with your sleep. 32 ounces of water is fine for a 64 pound person. We recommend 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day. I need to drink 92 ounces per day. I don't count water consumed during exercise in the total because exercise is kind of extra. Getting enough water makes all kinds of systems in the body function better.
  16. Tom Denham

    Walking while eating lunch

    I think walking while you eat your lunch is not in the spirit of the Whole30 and eating mindfully. Technically you can do it, but I would encourage you to organize your time differently. I would also not want trying to walk while you eat influence what you eat for lunch. The best lunch will include a palm-size portion of protein or two and a plateful of cooked veggies. That is not good walking food.
  17. Tom Denham

    Camel Milk

    The answer about camel milk is no.
  18. Tom Denham

    Vitamix for making soup, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.

    My wife gave me a Vitamix 5-6 years ago. I have not used it for at least 4 years. A stick blender replaced everything the Vitamix was good for in my world.
  19. Beef gelatin made with all compliant ingredients is okay. But here is the thing, don't distract yourself making beef jello, gummies, or any of the exotic things that are permissible. Just eat meat, seafood, eggs, veggies, and fats. You can't go wrong with that.
  20. Foods fall into two categories. 1) The ones that make you more healthy. 2) The ones that make you less healthy. Alcohol makes you less healthy. Period. It is not a question of too much being a problem. Any alcohol degrades your health. See It Starts With Food for the details. You may decide you are willing to sacrifice your health "a little" to drink with friends, to get a buzz, to maintain the way of life that you have established. That really is okay. Choosing to have a drink even when it degrades your health doesn't make you an alcoholic or foolish, it just means you are willing to trade a little of your health for something that brings you pleasure. But the rules of the Whole30 are clear. There is no room for a little alcohol during a Whole30. What I am saying to you is not casual chit chat. I made my living as a psychotherapist and ran an alcohol/drug intervention program years ago. I am taking the things you are saying seriously. I want to see you take yourself, your health, and your Whole30 experience more seriously. I am not worried about you walking away because I confronted you. I am worried about you just going through the motions and getting to the end of 30 days without giving yourself a real chance to make something of this time.
  21. Tom Denham

    Nuts and cashew butter

    The link I provided above tells you the size of a serving of nuts. There are many posts on the forum that discuss how best to include them in your meal planning. Repeating those discussions is something I am not willing to do. I did offer you my judgement based upon working with 1000s of people doing the Whole30 and that is don't eat nuts or nut butters at all. I don't mind repeating that judgement.
  22. Tom Denham

    Can I have True Lemon?

    This post is not about True Lemon. It is about reading an ingredient list. The ingredient list included sugar in the form of cane juice. There is no reason to ask if it okay to have added sugar during a Whole30. The answer is always no.
  23. Tom Denham

    Nuts and cashew butter

    You are right. This has been asked and answered a million times. We ask you to search for past answers rather than asking for 1,000,001. In general, don't eat any nuts or nut butters and you will do best. How much to eat
  24. Tom Denham

    ghee or coconut oil

    Try searching on ghee and coconut oil. This topic has been discussed many times.