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Breakfast/lunch bake


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I realised my pack of sausages experation date was today! so needed to get them cooked up asap and wasn't going to sit down to a brekfast of 6 sausage so I made this :)

Fry off some sliced red onion until soft

Remove skin from sausages and cut into small nuggets, add these to pan & fry till browned

peel & grate a large sweet potato, add to pan & cook down for a few minuts till it starts to soften & soaks up all the yummy flavours

In a large bowl or jug season & whisk 4 large eggs.

carefully add your pan mix into the eggs, and stir till well combined

pour in to a greased oven proof baking dish & bake for about half an hour 9gas 4 or equiv) until golden & set

I got 4 generous portions out of it (3 have gone in freezer)

I served it with some oven baked cherry tomatoes

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