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Starting Whole30 today-September 29


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So here is how I'm preparing my meals for the week (my bodybuilding diet got me totally used to preparing all my meals on Sunday!!).


I found awesome recipes on PaleOMG. 

For Meal 1 (6AM) I am preparing the Spaghetti Squash Crusted Quiche (subbing bacon for the pork sausage).


For Meal 2 (10AM) I am preparing the Brazilian Curry Chicken.


For Meal 3 (3PM) I am preparing the Asian Marinated Crockpot beef (subbing pork for the beef).


Then my preworkout meal will be 2 boiled eggs (5PM).

Crossfit at 5:30.

Postworkout meal chicken and sweet potato around 7:00.


Does this sound ok?

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That sounds like a great start - do check out the ingredients for the things Chris has suggested above though. non-compliant ingredients sneak in where you don't expect!


Are you going to have extra vegies with these meals? I aim for 2-3 cups per meal, and can't imagine you'd get that much in the dishes you're preparing. perhaps you could chop/pack vegies to make prep during the week even quicker?

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Yes I added loads of veggies to the 2 and 3 meals (a whole head of cabbage to the pork, extra bell peppers to the chicken, and extra mushrooms to the breakfast).  I also skipped the honey and checked for extra bad ingredients.  I am on day 4 and feel great so far.  Weird thing though-having nightmares the past 2 nights.  Figure it's just my hormones readjusting or my brain changing. 

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