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would like a Slow Cooker brisket recipe with NO broth/stock


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I bought a 2.5 grass-fed brisket from a local ranch (yay, Farmers Market!)


and would love to put it in the slow cooker, but i don't have any broth/stock that i can use and haven't been able to find any compliant beef broth at WF.


does anyone have a suggestion for how to slow cooker cook this brisket for some tasty yumminess?





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I realize your original post was a month ago but for future reference nom nom paleo website has a thai yellow curry brisket that is great. I add extra sweet potatoes and throw in a parsnip. I also use a whole can of coconut milk instead of 1.5 cups. Garnishing it with fresh cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime as she suggests really makes the dish.

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