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Really! Coconut Milk and Almond Milk


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So I started Paleo30 September 21 and have been doing great....So I thought! I had bought coconut milk and almond milk because it was on the approved list - so really my first time ever buying either and I bought a gallon of each. 


Today I read about guar gum - in coconut milk, and carrageenan in Almond milk both ingredients NOT on the approved list.


I didn't drink it every day, but I have 10 days left and - well - I am not sure. Should this mean a restart?


Eating healthy is never a waste of time - but I really thought I was doing this right - and I would like a glass of wine  on day 31 :)





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Gaur gum is ok during a Whole30. Carrageenan is not. The only compliant almond milk is one you make with almonds and water. There a re several brands of canned coconut milk that are compliant, just stay away from the refrigerated ones in cartons.

I will leave it up to a moderator as to whether you should restart. But I do think the carrageenan could be a major issue as it can impair gut healing

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