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Sara's First Whole30


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Day 31


Today has been an interesting mix of emotions for me.  


I'm really proud of myself for sticking to this for the whole 30 days, never questioning it, just doing it.  The food/drink was probably the easiest part for me, which was not what I expected.  The regularity issues were a bear for me.  Also, the upheaval in the beginning that I think was related to the Natural Calm was difficult.  And no scale, well, I made it, but it really did put a huge warning light over my somewhat obsessive relationship with the scale.  Wine, snacking, no grains, no dairy was all very manageable.  My first thought for reintroduction was not wine and that makes me really happy.  Although I will happily have a glass on Friday at Ladies' Night!




As expected, I was initially disappointed with my scale results.  After about 10 minutes and a good shower, I started to feel a lot more positive.  Last night I had myself getting worked up that I actually gained.  And honestly, gaining would have been a real disappointment.  However, I did have a modest loss - 3 pounds.  As my sister in law mentioned, I had a really tough time with regularity, and I'm sure that was a stress on my body, if nothing else.  Also, if I continue to lose 3 pounds a month, that would be fantastic.  By mid-January, I would be really close to my original long-term goal.  I am currently at my wedding weight, although I have to say that things don't look like they did at my wedding (thanks a lot, 7-year old! ;)).  And I did all of this without being hungry, while eating real food, while eating FAT!  So all in all, I have come around to thinking this is a good thing.  As I mentioned in a previous post, things don't happen quickly for me, and that's okay (even though I tend to be impatient).  If I can lose 3 pounds a month and keep them off, I'd call that weight loss success.


From a measurement perspective, I lost between an inch and half an inch everywhere I took measurements, except my thigh, which had no loss (and I found out that one of my thighs is 1.5 inches bigger than the other!  :o ).  Since women tend to lose weight down, that makes sense.  So weight and inches are moving in the right direction.


I think I did a fairly comprehensive list of all the other benefits I have had in my post yesterday, so I won't run through that again.  Because it has been an ongoing theme of my log (unfortunately), I have to mention that I had bathroom success two days in a row (I know, way TMI :wacko:) and that has not happened during the W30.  And to me, that is huge progress.   :D


I have been conflicted whether to keep logging at W9.  I think I will start a log in post W30, at least through my reintros, so I have a record of how that goes.  Big thanks to my partner in crime, Johari!  And also big thanks for all the help from Amberino21 and stubby.  It was nice to have some feedback during my W30.  And if you were reading along, please speak up in my post log.

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