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Whole30 starting October 15th (tomorrow)


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Ill start with you!  I tried before last year and didn't quite make it.  Im feeling ready to make a serious life change, so this feels right now.


I may stay with it until November 21....my 45th birthday!


The hardest part will be giving up my Friday night adult beverages.  Not impossible, just hard :mellow:


So yes, tomorrow it is...

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Hey hey...


My wife and I are starting tomorrow (Oct 15) so we're in with you...


This is our first time doing it, though my wife has been mostly gluten free for 3 years.


It's going to be tough for me... I LOVE sweets, I LOVE fast food, and I love my breads.


But, my body is also falling apart (since I turned 30 in August), I am at my heaviest (235 lbs), and it's definitely time for a change!


Let's do this!

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Hey all! 
I'm excited to start this journey with my hubby! ^^^

I have some postpartum weight that I would love to shed :-)

Looking for some quick, simple meals that my hubby and 3-year-old daughter will love! 

I have a BAD sweet tooth, so sugar will be rough!

We will start off our Day1 with scrambled eggs with taco meat and steamed broccoli! 

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I hear you on the baby weight. I'm still carrying from baby #1 (she's 7 this December - LOL!!). Oddly enough, I lost all the additional weight from baby #2 already. It would be nice to be my pre-baby weight again, but I'll settle for being leaner and having less inflammation.


I had a green smoothie with scrambled eggs for breakfast today. In the process of making a menu and shopping list and heading to Whole Foods once the baby wakes up (we're both furloughed since her day care is in a Federal building).

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