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ArcheoGator's Triumph


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My day 30 came about while the boards were in transition. For anyone who did not follow my log, I wanted to share my success story.


I had a doctor's appointment about a month prior to my whole30. I had high cholesterol, an a1c of 10.9 (I am type 1 diabetic), and am about 100 pounds overweight.


I was eating fast food and eating at restaurants frequently. As a habit from my previous job, I was downing 20-30 beers a week. I spent days barely getting my boy through homeschool assignments, basic chores, and using the heck out of Netflix. I would watch survival shows and simply imagine what it would be like to be one of those guys who stayed in shape and could handle all sorts of emergencies.


My first whole30 lasted all of three days. Since I was the only one in my home doing this, I did not get to go through the kitchen clean up phase. I was lured in by pie, fudge, sugar in my coffee, and sandwiches. I took three days off, and hit it again.


On my second attempt, I went all the way through. Days 7-10 were about the hardest from what I remember. I was tempted to call Papa John's for delivery, or head to Wendy's. After any work outside, I wanted a beer. Then, by about day 15, I was craving vegetables rather than junk. I have always been a good cook, but I cooked good ol' Southern food. So, I had to put the same skills to use using different ingredients.


Now, I'm around day 40 or so. I don't remember the day because once I got to 30 I knew this is how I want to live. My glucose now ranges about 80-140. I sleep at night and sleep solidly. Morning congestion is gone. I walk everyday with my black lab. I am using kettlebells again. I am able to play in the backyard. The woods call me out on a regular basis for 2-3 mile hikes. This week I spent my first time in the woods hunting. I am fishing more. I am sweating less. I have two new notches worn into my belt, and am gathering clothes for a Goodwill donation. My marriage, though it got rocky during my whole30 challenges, is now a heck of a successful friendship. I am living, and I do not want to stop.


Whole9life saved my life. Complications from type 1 diabetes can be frightening, especially when paired with the choices I was making. Now, I look forward to wowing my doctor next month. I look forward to enjoying my time on our planet rather than watching the calendar tick by.


For those who still like to see numbers on the scale go down (yeah, me too), my starting weight was 278.8. Day 31 was 264.


To anyone trying this, do it and follow every last rule. No stepping on the scale, no creamer because you can't drink coffee black. Do it. Be patient. Live.

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