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My whole experience...it was worth it!


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Today will be my last "true" Whole 30 day, followed by dairy re-introduction and then rice re-intro.  I won't do gluten grains and corn.  I think I know what corn does to me!  Yesterday I ran out of ghee and I did use butter for one meal to no ill effect.    

By the numbers:

- 9.6 pounds

- 1.5" waist

- 0.9 hips

What went well:  It was definitely a "win" to cut sugar the way I had to with this way of eating.  Prior I was doing a "Carb Nite" plan and Saturdays had become a bit of a train wreck with sugar.  Even when I realized that and cut Carb Nite's back to having fries with dinner and just a big ice cream after, I was not making any traction and still quite driven by sugar.  For the W30, I still found myself craving a sweet after dinner (or any meal, for that matter!) and satisfied it with some nuts mixed with some raisins.  Probably not in the spirit of the "W30" by some opinions, but it wasn't a bowl of Haagan Daz either!  I have had about 5 total apples this month and plenty of berries, but otherwise sugar free.  One day back in the middle I made almond flour chocolate chip cookies for my daughter (with Swerve sweetener) and I had one.  One!  a technical cheat, I know, but me eating one cookie is a bit of a miracle.  Fortunately two days later when I thought I might have another, they were gone.  On day 1 I gave up diet Coke which has been a HORRIBLE thing to drop!  I can't believe how difficult it has been.  Even today, I would love to have one! What else went well? I DID IT! I thought for sure I'd bag out at some point....but I did 30 days!

What could have gone better:  I could have done this without my little "cheats."  The one cookie, the few drops of stevia (liquid) to make my coffee tolerable (not sweet, just not bitter).  I could have not gone out with my husband for dinner once each weekend where I surely ingested vegetable oils and God-knows-what (with my ghee in purse!).  But then again, I have a tendency to over do everything and I didn't want to be a W30 Nazi - to myself or to my family!  Did I make some HUGE changes?  Oh yeah!  Did I have to beat myself up for the cookie & stevia?  Not necessary!  I know that I will not be living without stevia.  It's a better option for me than sugar.  So its inclusion in small amounts in my W30 may not have made it a "pure" W30, but it was better than living my life on the path I was on...

What you'll do the next time:  For me, I'm not sure there will be a "next time."  What I would like, what I would REALLY like, is to be able to maintain my current weight AND my good health without getting all crazy about a new plan.  I've done them all.  There is no magic!  LCHF works, super LC and ketogenic works, Paleo works, Primal works, and W30 works....but only to the extent that you follow the rules!  So, my "next time" begins now.  No more black & white, hot & cold, on or off.  See below....

Riding my own bike:  I will eat a whole-foods, naturally sourced, lower carb diet which includes some dairy in the form of grass-fed butter, heavy cream, and some (very moderated) cheese.  I will have an occasional Paleo-treat without guilt because the rest of my food-life is clean.  I will attempt, and this will be difficult, to make every day a day of eating the best that I can for my body and avoiding the mentality that "I'm off my diet so anything goes!"  

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