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Whole30 take one

The Original Geek

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So.. I've finished my first #whole30.


It wasn't that hard when you've already kicked the sugardragon before starting it. I didn't abide by all rules since I was hosting a DietBet at the same time I actually had to weigh in from time to time.



startweight: 97,7 kilos / 214,9 lbs

endweight: 89,3 kilos / 196,4 lbs


Also lost a few centimeters / inches over my belly and butt.



I feel good - I can't describe it better than that.. I can sit at my office desk, and all of a sudden just feel a calmness, giggle a bit and just know that I feel good.. I know I'm weird :) 


My rosacea isn't gone but a lot better. My eczema is not gone, but I've had it for 15+ years so it might take a while longer.


Planning to do another #whole30 the AIP version in january to see if I can get rid of the eczema and lose the rosacea finally. I have a feeling that it might be nightshades that are the problem. I laid off peppers and tomatoes about half-way through this whole30 but didn't make it all the way good but better.


All in all, I can't complain I'm happy.. I made my personal primary weightloss goal (now reset it to head to 86 kilos / 189 lbs ("normal weight")

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