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Day 16


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Over half way there! I'm still waiting on this promised Tiger Blood... wondering how I'm going to start feeling like a Winning Charlie Sheen


May we suggest this timeless Charlie Sheen quote? â€œI'm different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man.â€




I am noticing my sleep is drastically improving. Something I feel like I'm always chasing to find. A good night's sleep. I think I'm actually more tired than usual... because my body is finally getting the sleep it needs, and I wake up and just want to keep sleeping in this amazing slumber. I imagine once I catch up a bit more it'll feel quite amazing.


One down side... I used to be the lightest sleeper. My puppy (7 months) has had random bouts of sickness throughout his life. He is currently in one... and last night (for the second time in a week) he broke through the barricade in our bedroom and pooped in the living room because we didn't wake up to let him outside. So now my poor puppy feels bad, and I feel bad for getting such a deep sleep that I don't hear his whining. Here's hoping he gets better soon, because tonight he's sleeping in his kennel!


I still miss coffee with my almond milk and agave nectar. I'm hoping that once this Tiger Blood kicks in I might stop missing that. 


I'm also having major scale withdrawals. I used to avoid the scale... but now I just want to see if this is actually working. My clothes don't really fit any different yet, so here's hoping for some exciting things over the next 14.5 days!

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I definitely plan to continue to avoid the scale, I think at this point it might just discourage me... I know that the next two weeks is when all the magic will start happening! 

Saying this as I just frustratingly had another bad day of allergies... 100 sneezes and half a box of kleenex later!

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