Hey Chicago people! Where do you eat out?


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The Pump Room!  They have a "simply prepared" section on their menu with several protein options (chicken, scallops, beef, walleye, etc) that are only seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil.  They have some seriously delicious veggies too....broccoli with pistachios and brussels sprouts with avocado and pecan....both made with olive oil.  And marinated olives as an appetizer.


Hugo's Frog Bar.


The salad bar at Mariano's.  (I take my own dressing, but they do have oil & vinegar.)


Sushi Ra (I take my own coconut aminos and salad dressing)


Frontera Grill for ceviche.  They'll also make you a plate of jicama and other veggies cut up to dip in guacamole (if you ask).


Five Guys Burgers makes a great bunless burger.  They don't use peanut oil on the grill so their grilled mushrooms and onions are compliant.


Jason's Deli has a great salad bar.  (I take my own dressing, but they do have oil & vinegar.)

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I wouldn't think Mexican or a hotdog joint would be easily compliant!

I live in Chicago and don't go out during my W30 because I have found it too difficult. I feel like I usually end up with a chicken breast or burger without a bun, which I can do at home with better quality meat. But The Pump room sounds like an interesting suggestion, I may have to try that.

I will throw in Joe's Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab for a high end choice. Excellent food, several compliant entrees (DISCLAIMER: I have not eaten there in a year and was not on W30 so I don't know about cooking oils; since it is a high end joint I doubt they are using soybean oil, but call ahead to ask. Also, they may put butter on the steaks, so ask) and VERY accommodating wait staff

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Farmhouse at Chicago and Franklin is very accommodating to dietary requests. I visited there on my first Whole30 and they barely blinked when I told them my restrictions. There were a few dishes that they could modify as needed; in the end, i felt like I had about 3 good entree options, all of which were modified versions of menu items.

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