Lesson Learned, Round 2...

Jenn B

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I am completing a successful day 15, round 2. Round one lasted from last February to August. I thought I had cultivated a new way of eating, not a "diet" or quick fix. Late August (my birthday month) September (my daughter's birthday month) succumbing to pressure of other people wanting me to eat their way, I found myself slowing falling off the wagon then completely bottoming out.


I've read so many posts in the recent 8 months of people in this exact situation, and could not comprehend. My eating demise was compounded by other issues, and truly emotional eating took charge. I am in therapy so I am managing it from that angle.


I text my BFF every day to alert her at the end of the day that I have made it through another day successfully, (though she eats poorly, is over weight and often complains of body aches and other deficiencies) it makes me feel better to simply have someone to check in with. I liked the daily email support with the first go round.


Now I am simply going "public". I think there was an emotional struggle for me around deciding to do a 2nd Whole 30. (in my mind) this was embarrassing since I drifted through the first months with ease. I learned my lesson- I prefer to eat well. I need to have parameters. It's just that simple. I needed this 2nd Whole30 to get my a** in gear and realize and prioritize what I truly value. Eating well, (or clean) has given me a stronger foundation for healing in  physically and emotionally, and kicked my butt to get into gear and address other things on my well being "to do" list.

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