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Finished my first Whole30, Autoimmune Protocol!


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Before Pics



I started on 10/23/13 and ended 11/22/13. I did the autoimmune protocol as I have celiac and thought this might work best for me. I lost 9 lbs, 2 inches off my forearms, waist, hips bust and thighs so really 2 inches all over! I feel amazing and have more energy than before. I learned I can live without massive amounts of coffee and chocolate. I am sleeping like a baby. I am definitely going to continue the Whole30 lifestyle! I have added nuts and seeds back into my diet and that has been ok so far. I did have a glass of sparkling wine this weekend and that really made my stomach hurt... not sure I will be doing that again soon. Cold brew coffee seems to be ok. Anyway, that's my story! Thank you Hartwigs for this awesome program!! My parents are also doing the AIP Whole30 but they are continuing to a Whole90 and are going strong!








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congrats on your great results - it's fantastic to read that you've experienced so many benefits, as well as your realisation how other things effect you and may not be as worth it as you thought :)


I have to ask, are you a cellist? (every time I see your username I think it...I am one!)

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