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W30 number 3!


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Am slightly overwhelmed with how many people have started a W30 on Jan 1st ... totally expected, and have all done it for the same reason as I have, but I can't keep up with everyone on the list of people starting on the 1st so I thought I'd keep notes and observations here.


So, have started day 2. Yesterday I flew through: I can almost feel my body sighing with relief to be eating like this again. The festive season was messy (alcohol, sugar in various forms, wheat ...) and I really felt it. I wonder if this is because I have been eating mostly clean for several months and so I feel it more? I felt dreadful and I have broken out in spots (NEVER EVER got spots before, even when my diet was at its worst!). I woke up this morning (Day 2) still feeling tired but feeling lighter and more refreshed than I have been of late.


I have decided I need to do a little food prep every day in the morning as by the time it gets to evening I just can't be bothered, so this morning I made mayonnaise (I used up all my mayo yesterday when I made a great big lime and coriander coleslaw), Mmm. I love mayonnaise.


I am also re-reading ISWF. Even though I know it all now, I think it helps to be reminded of why I am doing this. The bit that really resonates is a testimonial from someone who had really really struggled with dieting and food for 20 years and when she found W30 she suddenly found a way of eating that was what she wanted to be feeding her body, and this is exactly how I feel. I love the sense of luxury (and lack of deprivation) that I feel when eating like this: avocados, mayonnaise, eggs, olives, roasted cauliflower ... eating meat when you are hungry ... what's not to like?


We're on a pretty tight food budget which is going to make this challenging, though I am trying to be a bit mean with the meat (more so than the last couple of times I have done this) and get the minimum I can get away with and still feel full and satisfied.


I have a fridge full of carrots so sometime this week I shall be roasting carrots with lemon and cumin. (See, this food excites me! What's not to like about a way of eating that is so delicious and makes you feel so virtuous?)


A rolling stone gathers no moss ... I find the momentum of this works as well. The more days I do, the easier it is to carry on. I have "failed" at the end of previous W30s and not liked what happened after ... so I am making no commitments as to what I do after this W30.


My goals this time (which interestingly have little to do with food, as I know I have that covered):


- Go to bed by 10, lights out by 10.30

- Fit exercise back in daily -- even a walk, but it must be something

- Prepare some W30 food every morning so there is always something in the fridge


I weighed myself yesterday: my BMI is 26.2 and that didn't feel good -- much higher than it has been for a while (did I mention out of control festive season?!).


Am toying with doing a W365 ... but like I said, I'll start with a W30.

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I enjoyed reading your post :) I feel overwhelmed with the January 1st whole 30 too...but I guess I shouldn't be totally suprised! I've eaten mostly paleo before but I've gotten way too lenient and really need to buckle down so I can see some progress. :)

Re-reading the book definitely helps resoldify all that you've learned before... I do this too! I find it keeps me on track and motivated to keep on going!

Best wishes! Talk to you soon!

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Thanks, Annabel. Haven't found eggs that cheap yet :o) but I do eat at least 2 eggs a day to help with the costs!


Sailor - hello! How is it going? I think it's easier if you've done it before ...


So, day 2 in the bag. I miscalculated the protein at lunchtime and didn't eat enough, so by 4pm I was chewing my own hand off and had to have a snack of an egg, cucumber and a pear. Still, basically sticking to plan so that's OK. I resisted a handful of raisins at the endo f the day and the feeling passed, so all good. Today I need to up my protein.


Feeling GOOD. My skin is already clearing up (though that may be more cycle-related than food related, but whatever, I'm pleased!) and I had another great night (not been sleeping so well recently) and I so love waking up feeling ... well, not scuzzy.


Today we are going out shopping for furniture for the kids bedrooms so I have packed two boiled eggs and some coleslaw in case we are out beyond lunchtime and we end up stopping somewhere for food. That's the difference between being W30 and off-roading for me: I am more careful to have stuff in the fridge I can just grab, and I also don't risk it in a "oh, it'll be OK, we'll probably be home by lunch and if we aren't then I can improvise while we are out" which always ends up in eating something unsatisfying.


Am already feeling like I'm cruising. Haven't made any food this morning, but we are going out any minute now and I'm good for today ... have lunch packed, and dinner is steak (! -- cheating the budget as I already had it in the freezer!) and salad so I reckon I don't need to roast a cauliflower and a butternut squash this morning ... that will be tomorrow morning's job. (Though thinking about it, I'm pretty busy tomorrow morning as well ... hmm ... may need to do that this evening).



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Mmm Steak! That caught my eye, maybe I'll grill some up this weekend too. I'm certainly glad to hear your doing good, plus skin improvements! Smart thinking about bringing eggs and coleslaw with you, you just never know what may happen.

And agreed...it's much easier once you've done it before :D Though I've never been this strict before, my body is pretty accustomed to not eating grains and dairy so I've found the transition pretty easy.

The only issues I'm having are strictly my monthy, worst bleeding by far I had to ask to go home early today...honestly was running to the bathroom every hour! But it's to be expected since I've stopped taking the pill (ran out), so I guess it's mother nature's wrath! Oh girl problems!

Keep it up! Take care :)

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Day 3 done. Feeling smug and very pleased with myself. I roasted butternut squash with cinnamon and coconut oil yesterday. I could eat the whole lot in one sitting it is SO DELICIOUS. I did resit, though, but was excited to have it for breakfast again today.


Dinner tonight I am already excited about ... spiced chicken strips with a pomegranate and avocado and onion salsa and a green salad ... to die for and one of my favourite dishes. Lunch will be chicken salad with a cumin and smoked paprika, lime and mayonnaise dressing with tomatoes and lettuce. Mmmmm.


Waking up feeling so much better. I haven't managed to do any exercise yet, but it's been peeing with rain and our house is stranded, and I have 3 kids at home so it's quite tricky. Won't beat myself up about it, but will fit it all back in once the roads go back to normal (nowhere to run/cycle to safely).


Sailor - I came off the pill some years ago as I felt that it was having too many weird other effects on my body -- appetite, mood etc. and I've never looked back. (Well I had 3 children as well, but that was mostly deliberate!). I use a copper coil now -- no artificial hormones. (I had IBS at the time as well and someone suggested that the stuff they used to make the pill up with might have been contributing).


Come on Day 4!

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Day 4 in the bag ... still cruising, still feeling really good about all of this. I ate too much food yesterday but it was all W30 and I can tell I've already lost my extra Christmas baggage so am happy about that. Still more to go, but at least the excesses of the season fell off!


This might be quite a boring log as I am just not struggling with this at the minute (though now I've articulated that thought it may well come back to bite me in the bum ...!)

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The pill definitely has effects on my mood that's for sure, lots of breakdowns for no apparent reason...really weird so I was happy that I ran out of them and perhaps I'll think about another form of bc...hmmm copper you say?

Glad to hear your still doing good, this is your third Whole 30, so i consider you an expert which is why im following your blog ;)

That's awesome that your Christmas baggage is long gone! I've noticed quite a difference in my stomach as well, getting much flatter, though still have those tummy rolls when I sit that I'd like to never see again. ;)

Hoping you the very best on day 5!

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