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Here's the backstory. After 2.5 years strict gluten free, the last year of which I was hopping on and off the Paleo wagon we decided as a family to do a gluten challenge to see if introducing gluten would make our kids' autism symptoms worse and how it would affect me. The intention was 6 weeks of 3 servings of gluten grains each day. The reality was a 6 month long gluten/fast food/SAD binge. I ate everything I hadn't eaten in my 2.5 years gluten free. I hit every drive thru in town, made huge amounts of cookies, breads, cake, bought every junky convenience food my kids pointed at in the grocery store.


My 4 year old started having constant stomach aches, my 8 year old started binge eating, hubby gained 20 pounds and I gained 15.


I have been dealing with a constant and painful Interstitial Cystitis (chronic bladder condition) flare up since late August. In early October I fell on some stairs, normally my back would hurt for a few days while I recovered but here I am 3 months later and I have developed bursitis in the injured area of my back, getting out of bed every morning is excruciating. My self esteem is in the toilet. Enough is enough.





Strict Whole 30 with slow 2 week re-introduction period ending at 85-90% Paleo. Possibly a Whole 60 if I am starting to see improvement and want to keep it going.


Reduce the kids to 2 servings of grains a day and 3 servings of dairy, Keep introducing new foods and encourage meat and vegetables while easing out PBJ sandwiches, crackers and sugar sweetened yogurts.


No candy, ice cream or other sweets for Whole 30 month except for Lily's birthday party on the 26th.


Day 1



Yams, cabbage, sausage, eggs, homemade mayo & sriracha and coffee with coconut milk.



Salad with red leaf lettuce, cucumber, peppers, The Best Chicken You'll Ever Eat, 1/2 an avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar



Meatballs, cauliflower & yam mash, sautéed broccoli (blech)



1/2 an apple, baby carrots, 1 dried fig, coffee with coconut milk, meatballs and right before bed an entire Cashew Lara Bar.


Not too bad for the first day except for the Lara Bar which was not eaten as emergency food. I was feeding the sugar monster. At that point I was feeling everything from days 1-4. I was pleased with my day, sore all over and wanted to Kill All The Things. The Lara Bar was amazing but I'll be sticking them in my car today for emergency road snacks.


The Kids

The kids did well today, stuck to their 2 grain and 3 dairy servings, ate lots of fruits and veggies, tried everything at dinner (they had broccoli instead of spinach) and didn't complain about the lack of candy.

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Not too shabby. Day 7 and I'm feeling pouty but not awful. I was a horrible cow on day 5. KATT got the better of me, I was a truly awful person.


I'm eating Larabars too often and having occasional intense waves of nausea. And I'm so very tired. Kids have been late for school every day this week because I've overslept. I think the only thing keeping me honest at this point is that my husband needs this even more than I do and he won't continue if I don't.

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I find if I have too many dates, I never get out of the sugar detox phase and it's KATT over and over, I find I get nausea during that phase too, but if I stabilise my blood sugar, it all goes away. Get some good sleep and maybe make bake some portable snacks like eggs in muffin cups, or get some jerky and make your own snack packs?


I find oven baking is the easiest way to do big food preps when I'm struggling for time (or energy).


Do you know what situations are making you reach for the bars?

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