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    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Is this your first Whole30? This is what it's all about There are lots of PDF downloads to help you out including the fabulous Meal Planning Template Not sure what you can have? Whole30 Rules & Can I Have... You'll also find great info searching in the forum section Can I have...? Did you know there's Rules AND Recommendations? It's early now, but bookmark the Timeline, it's really great Really want to complete your Whole30, might want to read this now - Do I really have to start over? Welcome you've totally got this!
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    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    Have a big pot of beef soup bubbling away, it's a vaguely minestrone recipe: Ingredients: 1 celery stick 1 brown onion 1 swede 1 parsnip 3 carrots 2-5 potatoes - for Aussies, the items from here up are usually in a "soup pack" at the supermarket 1 kilo of beef mince - for Aussies, I like the Coles 3 star mince 800g of diced tinned tomatoes Tomato paste 1 cups of chicken stock or water Pop the mince in the bottom of the pot, dice the solid things and add, add everything else. Takes about an hour to cook on the stove and my favourite part is that it's a very forgiving recipe, skip an ingredient or two, substitute, it always comes out great Great for colder weather but isn't too bad in summer either.
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    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    Sadly for those of us in Australia, compliant bacon is quite tricky. I ate a lot of Pork Belly instead for my first Whole30, baked the pork belly in the oven, then pan fried slices for "bacon", it's not smoked but it's still tasty. I have ended up with some carrots and chicken pan gravy left over from my roast chickens, wondering if it will be weird with eggs for breakfast (it's the gravy I'm not sure about, texture wise). If you're looking for any burger inspiration, Mel Joulwan also has a legendary list of meatball recipes, I prefer burger patties to meatballs as they're more forgiving when they're uneven
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    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    For those struggling to escape the scale, evict it from your house, have a friend hold it at their house until your Whole30 is over or get them to put it in their car boot. A large part of the temptation is that it's there in your house. If you're struggling with too much cooking time, check out the Hot Plates listed here, it's the least prep and still tasty meals, perfect for week nights or to pad out your menu plans for the week. (scroll down to Hot Plates) I'll be finishing up the last of my two roast chickens so I'll soon be able to use the bones to make tasty chicken bone broth, which I use to make this fantastic soup
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    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    Sneaking in your group although I'm Post-W30 I'll only post compliant stuff in here. Rebooting my Food Freedom habits, started 1st of August. I find Post-W30 a little harder than W30 (silly I know). I've done so many rounds over the years I don't count them anymore. I owe all of my successful rounds to the yummy Whole30 recipes of Mel Joulwan (which are also sometimes funny), here's one of her awesome posts with loads of resources: Looking forward to dinner tonight, roast chicken! (bulk cooking tip -> two chickens at once!)
  6. I have some trouble with joint pain from corn, it's minor compared to gluten, but I'm much better without grains & dairy.
  7. I was shocked at the difference with no grains and no dairy. No more arthritis, no more iritis, so many health conditions just gone for good for me, life changing. It won't be this dramatic for everyone. Some sources of inflammation aren't just food. It's worth going all in for your first Whole30, staged reintroductions make things so very clear. I'd eaten wheat and grains my whole life, I would never have thought it and other grains were giving me so much trouble. The list are known gut disruptors, not every person will be affected by each one, you really won't know for yourself until you try it, carrageenan was another surprise for me, makes all of my insides very unhappy and it's added to a lot of products, I would never have figured that out without Whole30.
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    Leg cramps every morning!

    Some people also need more than what your local food may provide, or different ratios as electrolytes need to be balanced. Blood tests can sometimes be confusing as they test to a standard range and electrolytes fluctuate a lot through the day as we use them, if you have health conditions you may use more of one or more of them. For me I find no grains drops my level of inflammation quite a lot, so salt isn't something for me to avoid anymore for fluid retention. Some people find magnesium works best before bed, especially if cramping occurs first thing in the morning, you may have run out by that time, since your last intake. If it's not lasting through the night it would be good to check with your doctor. If you have any medical edema issues, always discuss with your doctor as they can be really complicated.
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    Are you new here? Welcome!

    If you are new and haven't joined a group thread yet, head over to If you're outside the USA or looking for people near your location, do some searches for local keywords
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    ALL Tessemae or Just Some?

    For anyone who is a big Tessemae's fan (or plans to be) it's worth reviewing the non-compliant range, so you know which ones to avoid, some have things like soy and honey. Quite a few people accidentally buy other kinds by mistake, thinking it's something new.
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    Silicon dioxide

    Rosemary extract is compliant For those who don't like seafood, it's worth checking labels of tinned "potted meat", pate or liverwurst. Many are not compliant though.
  12. praxisproject

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Hey Ryan I'm in Melbourne too. Dressings are toughest, I make my own mayo (macadamia oil is my favourite for flavour but I use Light Cobram olive oil sometimes too, it's a virgin but far less bitter than a green virgin olive oil, it is far more bitter than macadamia though) & sunshine sauce (Well Fed for recipe). You can get compliant bone broths here but it's much cheaper to make your own, even if your own is organic. Depending on location, you may find Cleaver's Paleo meats, but read the labels carefully, they have some non-Paleo products with similar packaging. Some products contain soy and honey (one of the Paleo ones has honey). Coles has some cheaper grass fed meats Three Island (raised near King Island), but most supermarket sausages contain some kind of flour (not compliant). Seriously awesome organic meat from Hagan's (Prahran Market) & T.O.M.S (South Melbourne Market) if your budget can handle it (always ask about bacon, if you'll find it compliant anywhere, it'll be at one of these). TOMS also sells the Deadset Delicious Chilean Aji, which I've otherwise only found at Wholefood Merchants. Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully is huge (like a Bunnings), but lots of non-compliant stuff there too. not cheap but massive range (PHF still has some stuff they don't though). Prahran Health Foods has some awesome stuff and very helpful staff, tell them what you like and why and that you're on Whole30, really helpful at recommending stuff, especially the big guy with the beard (usually wearing a black tshirt). Look for the frozen mango "icypoles" which are pure mango (frozen), Mojo & Remedy Kombucha (Mojo is compliant, not sure about other brands but the keg/refill brand isn't Harvest something), fresh (in glass) and my favourite there, the Paleo Pate from Offaly Good Food (double check the label, I've not had it during a Whole30 but pretty sure it's compliant, think it used to be made with butter when released but is now made with coconut oil). I did import some Tessemae's dressings, tomato sauce and mustard (there is no local supplier), fairly sure we can't import the mayo through our customs (I didn't try): I prefer Frank's Red Hot over the Tessemae's Buffalo stuff, the tomato & bbq sauce is handy purely because I rarely eat it so I won't ever make my own. I like the zesty and southwest ranch but they're more of an American flavour to me. Generally I prefer mixing something with my mayo for dressings (easiest is Frank's Red Hot for buffalo mayo), or sunshine sauce. The mustard however has been a surprising favourite, since so many local brands aren't compliant. Louisiana also makes some nice hot sauces (I like em on Pulled Pork) which are available here, all the ones I've found are compliant but I always check labels, found in quite odd places from supermarkets to Big W (sometimes in a "gift pack" of 8 hot sauces - all Louisiana brand). If it's close to you, La Manna (north/west ish) sells lots of compliant stuff, but going there is more painful than waiting in lines at VicRoads or Christmas shopping at Chadstone on Christmas Eve as the demand far outstrips the store's size, leading to grouchy people and excessive wasting of time.
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    Sourcing food in Australia

    I'm not a huge coriander fan and I love it
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    Sourcing food in Australia

    Not new but one of my favourites for spicy is the Deadset Delicious Chilean Aji canned tuna & leftover potato + this is awesome
  15. praxisproject

    Compliant Chicken Broth

    Vegetable broth is great for vegetarians, but for those eating meat, there's plenty of extra nutrition in bone broth. Vegetarian broths can also have sneaky ingredients, so always read your labels (or just make your own)
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    Unlikely this particular one is available outside of Australia, but it's worth looking for refrigerated sauerkraut (the kind that must be kept in the fridge) as they may have a kimchi version, they're not always marketed as kimchi. This one comes from the hippy heart of Australia, Byron Bay and is found in health food shops and some online grocers.
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    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    If you're looking for the Timeline
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    Silicon dioxide

    If your regular stores seem to only have non-compliant tuna, check any ethnic grocers or delis. I find lots of small tins of compliant Italian tuna in high quality olive oil in italian/european delis (I'm in Australia)
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    Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered

    It was "lotus tea" which I thought was a type of black tea, but it's a type of green tea
  20. praxisproject

    Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered

    Sharing my disaster for the entertainment of others. I went to a kombucha class, it was great. Rushed home and made my first batch, realised later I used tea I thought was black tea, but it wasn't. Scoby almost filled entire giant jar, wrong shape for a scoby, disaster, could not get the scoby out of the jar.
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    Sourcing food in Australia

    If anyone lives near a Paleo Café, some will sell you their bacon, frozen. It comes in a pretty big pack and they have a few different kinds. For memory one of them isn't Whole30 (honey maybe?), so do check ingredients. Once you know the right one, you can order it and they can hold it for you
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    Sourcing food in Australia

    For anyone who hasn't eaten a Fine Fettle Flat, the texture is not like a cracker, to be honest it's a little bit like cardboard, but hard and quite chewy, very dried-vegetable They're quite dry too so often not a great option on the move, quite crumbly as well and very expensive (I'd rather buy steak!). Some boiled eggs, tin of tuna or steak strips would travel a lot better, the only thing I'll give them is they can live in the cupboard, but they don't have as long a life as a tin of tuna, for a shelf product they're quite short lived. All the non-zucchini versions I've seen contain something non-compliant like corn or agave, so always read your labels. I've found I much prefer fresh veggie sticks, but do find them a better option for me than dried fruit (they are occasionally offered in gluten free catering) or a bite of a bar containing dates as I don't get any sort of blood sugar spike from them. A new find for me (probably only in Melbourne for now, not a long shelf life), Offally Good Food's Paleo Pate: I love the taste, nice smooth pate. Loved it on steak. Has a bit of an unconventional seal of coconut oil inside the jar (it doesn't taste funny or anything, just a surprise inner-seal). No good for low FODMAP folks as it's got onion and garlic. Another new find for me was The Goods bone broth: I like how wiggly it gets in the fridge, unlike some of the bagged bone broths. Making a short note for the Melbourne/VIC folk, sadly the Paleo Café in Mornington has closed. However Patch Café in Richmond is my new favourite! Ask questions as there are also non-compliant things on the menu (save that paleo bread for Post-Whole30). This is a great place to go with friends who aren't on a Whole30 as there's lots of yummy things for everyone. Also, if you buy any Himalayan salt or pepper from a health food store and are sensitive to gluten, you may want to double check your labels. There's a brand being stocked a few places which is organic and comes with a "may contain" warning for gluten, got sick from using both the salt and pepper so have had to dump them. Mine had the warning in a slightly odd place on the label, lower than it usually would be, so I missed it. I'll go back and edit the older post but new labelling on Frank's Red Hot sauce is confusing as they've updated to have Australian-compliant label, but don't include the level of info usually included on Aussie labels. It's gluten free as the vinegar (distilled from wheat) is gluten free. Still no good for anyone with a wheat allergy though which is why wheat is in bold on the label (allergen). There's also a few brands of local produce frozen berries popping up, for anyone who has been avoiding overseas berries (or unknown berries) since the Hep issues.
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    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    If you struggle with eating three full meals, it's okay to have more meals if you need to
  24. Yes it really can! It's not really food groups, it's foods that make you feel unwell. Dairy contains proteins, sugars, some types are FODMAPs and it also contains hormones.
  25. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 13, doctors thought it was odd at my age but the symptoms were obvious. Xrays came up clear, ruling out other kinds of arthritis. Actually turned out to be grains, gluten in particular and dairy. My first Whole30 (haha, much older!), no gluten + no dairy = no arthritis! None! Although no gluten was enough to get rid of it, I find some other grains can also trigger it, anything from this list: - have zero trouble with buckwheat and very very little with white rice so I stick to those. I do have trouble with brown rice, so I avoid anything "wholegrain" as the grain coatings seem to be extra-rough. Dairy seems fine initially, but a few weeks later, arthritis, inflammation, start getting sick. I also have had trouble with eggs, for me it's what they feed them. Very little trouble with free range and organic/biodynamic eggs, but they have different food. I often don't eat eggs out as a result, unless I know what kind they are. I also have a little trouble with nightshades, but it seems to be load. Peppers (capsicum) are my favourite, so if I'm having those I try and avoid all the others as much as possible. I used to eat a lot of multi-nightshade meals (5+), sometimes three times a day . I went entirely without and added back but found I wasn't feeling bad at sensible levels, but I also enjoyed them more, so find less is just as satisfying now. A lot of people have trouble with skins in nightshades, goji berries are a sneaky nightshade and potato starch is another one easy to miss. Some people are particularly sensitive to paprika and chilli varieties. I find the other things I eat also matter. Not too much Omega 6 (watch the nuts and seed oils), plenty of Omega 3 (chia seeds do not count - fish is much better), avoiding seed oils, soy and other inflammatory items. Vitamin C, Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Zinc all seem to help me too, especially if I've ingested something like corn without meaning to. If you're getting any restless twitching or cramping in your legs/muscles, you may need some additional: magnesium, potassium or sodium.