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  1. If you are new and haven't joined a group thread yet, head over to If you're outside the USA or looking for people near your location, do some searches for local keywords
  2. If you're looking for the Timeline
  3. Is this your first Whole30? This is what it's all about There are lots of PDF downloads to help you out including the fabulous Meal Planning Template Not sure what you can have? Whole30 Rules & Can I Have... You'll also find great info searching in the forum section Can I have...? Did you know there's Rules AND Recommendations?
  4. It was "lotus tea" which I thought was a type of black tea, but it's a type of green tea
  5. Sharing my disaster for the entertainment of others. I went to a kombucha class, it was great. Rushed home and made my first batch, realised later I used tea I thought was black tea, but it wasn't. Scoby almost filled entire giant jar, wrong shape for a scoby, disaster, could not get the scoby out of the jar.
  6. Everyone has the same, we're all 0
  7. I went to a Kombucha class and will share some of tips I got (my first batch is really strange but I think I used the wrong tea and not really sure what to do with it). Don't Use a cloth on top that has holes (we have a cloth here called Chux and it's bad as it lets fruit flies in), it needs to breathe but not let bugs in Booch shouldn't overheat or be too cold, next to the stove or window can be a scoby killer Use non-black tea - tip was first batch should always be black tea and if you use other teas later, always follow with a black tea batch to boost the scoby, ongoing use of oth
  8. Grape skin - This is why red wine is red and there are actually a lot of people allergic to a protein in the skin called LTP, some people have a reaction to the fermentation of the skins only, others have trouble with grapes too (some fruit juices contain a splash of grape juice). Tannins - Also found in grape skin but most people have tasted them in black tea. Histamine & Tyramine - Found in aged and fermented foods, red wine is usually fermented for longer. Alcohol - Often dismissed, if the red wine you drink is higher in alcohol than the white, it may just be the alcohol.
  9. Hi Lisa Where abouts are you located down under? We actually have quite a few options which are better than Lara bars now! (yay!) I have only once found apricots without sulfur here, they were organic and a funny colour but they tasted great.
  10. I often talk about this with my naturopath, it's not unusual to get an early period or restart periods when you're feeling healthier, as your hormones can change. Usually this is a good sign, but if you're worried have a chat with your doctor.
  11. Good luck! There are quite a number of posts about pregnancies during Whole30
  12. If it's just once, I wouldn't be too sure it's the coconut aminos just yet, if you normally eat fermented foods and coconut.
  13. It may not be the coconut, but the histamine as it's a fermented food. You may get a similar reaction to Kombucha, vinegar and other fermented foods, so go gently. Some people are allergic to coconut though, so if you have any other coconut reactions, I'd stop eating it. Also double check your labels too, some "coconut aminos" have very different ingredients. The safe one is Coconut Secret, but I've been burned a few times ordering online and getting a product with a lot of weird stuff in it. I also had a health food store give me Braggs Aminos, which is not compliant at all.
  14. If you find you're crashing at particular times, your previous meal may have been too small or the gap between meals too big. A mini meal is a good option for a big gap or if you were full at the previous meal. Can be snack sized, but go for the template for ratios, it helps balance your blood sugar without starting another roller coaster If you really want fruit, try and stick with berries. Carrot sticks are a good veggie option if you want something sweeter or to boost your blood sugar a bit. Make sure your doctor knows about your change in diet as you may need some additional m
  15. I think it would be a good idea for him to see a doctor. That doesn't sound like anything related to a detox.