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  1. Kudos?

    We call that an NSV, Non Scale Victory! If you're feeling more anxious than usual, some people find adding some extra starchy veg can help. Some people need more than others and some days use up more energy than others.
  2. This article is a must read for anyone with an eating disorder:
  3. January 2nd start date

    This is one of those insights that is so valuable. Before my first Whole30 I wasn't feeling well at all, by the end I felt so amazing, I realised before I wasn't just not feeling well, I felt horrible and it had become my normal, my old normal was horrible. Now I have a new normal I also found thirst to be an easily suppressed signal, make sure you get enough to drink. It is totally okay to skip exercise for a few days if you're feeling off, after the KATT stage is over, your energy will return I totally can't find the right post, but for the person with vertigo and vomiting, I hope you feel better soon! Let us know if you need any help. If your doc finds out you have any kind of nerve damage, paleo can be very healing, avoiding dairy and gluten allows the body to do some repairs. Vitamin Bs have been correlated with accelerated nerve regeneration, but check with your doc before you take any supplements. Plenty of natural Bs in foods, from B2 to B12 Bone broth & shellfish both supply lots of trace elements. For anyone with medical conditions, there's also a special part of the forum if you want to post about medical things in there.
  4. Are you new here? Welcome!

    If you are new and haven't joined a group thread yet, head over to If you're outside the USA or looking for people near your location, do some searches for local keywords
  5. ALL Tessemae or Just Some?

    For anyone who is a big Tessemae's fan (or plans to be) it's worth reviewing the non-compliant range, so you know which ones to avoid, some have things like soy and honey. Quite a few people accidentally buy other kinds by mistake, thinking it's something new.
  6. Silicon dioxide

    Rosemary extract is compliant For those who don't like seafood, it's worth checking labels of tinned "potted meat", pate or liverwurst. Many are not compliant though.
  7. Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    You can totally do it! it's not entirely psychological, emergency services often give sweet tea as a treatment for "shock", sugar does calm some primal-type responses in the body, but so do other things like meditation and just doing something peaceful and enjoying it. It's worth trying some ritual-style beverages as a non-food "treat". Sparkling water in a special wine glass, in a special chair, with a favourite book. Favourite tea, in a special cup, in the bath with favourite music. If you search ritual on here, you will find lots of interesting things people have found they like. My cat loves to sleep on fresh laundry his ritual is watching other people fold it and then sleeping on it.
  8. Gastritis

    and if you want to be checked for coeliac disease, you need to be eating quite a lot of gluten for several weeks before you have any internal exams, as they actually assess the internal damage. Discuss with your doc/s.
  9. Sourcing food in Australia

    Hey Ryan I'm in Melbourne too. Dressings are toughest, I make my own mayo (macadamia oil is my favourite for flavour but I use Light Cobram olive oil sometimes too, it's a virgin but far less bitter than a green virgin olive oil, it is far more bitter than macadamia though) & sunshine sauce (Well Fed for recipe). You can get compliant bone broths here but it's much cheaper to make your own, even if your own is organic. Depending on location, you may find Cleaver's Paleo meats, but read the labels carefully, they have some non-Paleo products with similar packaging. Some products contain soy and honey (one of the Paleo ones has honey). Coles has some cheaper grass fed meats Three Island (raised near King Island), but most supermarket sausages contain some kind of flour (not compliant). Seriously awesome organic meat from Hagan's (Prahran Market) & T.O.M.S (South Melbourne Market) if your budget can handle it (always ask about bacon, if you'll find it compliant anywhere, it'll be at one of these). TOMS also sells the Deadset Delicious Chilean Aji, which I've otherwise only found at Wholefood Merchants. Wholefood Merchants in Ferntree Gully is huge (like a Bunnings), but lots of non-compliant stuff there too. not cheap but massive range (PHF still has some stuff they don't though). Prahran Health Foods has some awesome stuff and very helpful staff, tell them what you like and why and that you're on Whole30, really helpful at recommending stuff, especially the big guy with the beard (usually wearing a black tshirt). Look for the frozen mango "icypoles" which are pure mango (frozen), Mojo & Remedy Kombucha (Mojo is compliant, not sure about other brands but the keg/refill brand isn't Harvest something), fresh (in glass) and my favourite there, the Paleo Pate from Offaly Good Food (double check the label, I've not had it during a Whole30 but pretty sure it's compliant, think it used to be made with butter when released but is now made with coconut oil). I did import some Tessemae's dressings, tomato sauce and mustard (there is no local supplier), fairly sure we can't import the mayo through our customs (I didn't try): I prefer Frank's Red Hot over the Tessemae's Buffalo stuff, the tomato & bbq sauce is handy purely because I rarely eat it so I won't ever make my own. I like the zesty and southwest ranch but they're more of an American flavour to me. Generally I prefer mixing something with my mayo for dressings (easiest is Frank's Red Hot for buffalo mayo), or sunshine sauce. The mustard however has been a surprising favourite, since so many local brands aren't compliant. Louisiana also makes some nice hot sauces (I like em on Pulled Pork) which are available here, all the ones I've found are compliant but I always check labels, found in quite odd places from supermarkets to Big W (sometimes in a "gift pack" of 8 hot sauces - all Louisiana brand). If it's close to you, La Manna (north/west ish) sells lots of compliant stuff, but going there is more painful than waiting in lines at VicRoads or Christmas shopping at Chadstone on Christmas Eve as the demand far outstrips the store's size, leading to grouchy people and excessive wasting of time.
  10. Sourcing food in Australia

    I'm not a huge coriander fan and I love it
  11. Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    For ingredients like this, if it's the only compliant thing of it's kind and it's something you really miss, use it as a condiment rather than a high volume item in your template meals. Note this ingredient IS Compliant (Rules), however some people will have better choices available to them and it's not a Recommended ingredient. (however, just like with all food, some people have limited or no supplies of some items) Bacon is difficult where I am, but I cook naked pork belly and fry it up, or buy prosciutto as these are easy to find near me.
  12. Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    The secret to good meals out is to be the one who organises them, then you get to pick the venue
  13. Anyone in the UK for 2 Jan start?

    A part of riding your own bike is also learning what works specifically for you and comparing results from different things you try
  14. Pregnant mamas starting a Whole30 around 1/1

    You may be able to find ginger tablets for morning sickness. Sometimes also labelled for nausea. Ginger tea works for some too
  15. Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    I quite like "no surprise food". It's actually pretty weird to eat random stuff because people offer it