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Feedback on meals? : )

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Hi everyone,


this is my first Whole30 and I am currently on Day 13 (but who's counting?) I have been experiencing some good results so far including better sleep and clearer skin but I just wanted to make sure that the meals I'm eating are on the right track. I have ordered 'It Starts With Food' and it should arrive any day now, but feel like I have been flying a little bit blind with what I've been eating.


A typical day is:


Meal 1 - 3 eggs with sausage or steak, tomato, leek and mushrooms.

Meal 2 - salad with baby spinach, chicken, carrot, tomato, cucumber, roast pumpkin, pine nuts.

Meal 3 - mashed or roasted veggies (such as sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, etc.) with steak (or chicken, or meatballs, etc.)


I will also fit in some fruit either with a meal or between lunch and dinner if there is long break before I can eat. This is typically either berries, an orange, rockmelon or pineapple.


I am recovering from a back injury from 8 years ago and cannot do most form of weight bearing exercise (have had to put a stop to Crossfit for a while) but I walk an hour a day, swim twice a week and also try and get 1-2 yoga sessions in as well.


My goals for this Whole30 are to learn more about nutrition and the effects of food on my body as well as to drop weight so that I am putting less pressure on my back (I only have one working joint at the moment so it's a bit tired!)


Any advice/help would be really appreciated : )

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