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Emergency Dining Out


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Our power went out at 5:45 this am.  DH mentioned that maybe he should have made hard boiled eggs last night.  


I stuffed all the uncooked meat in the fridge into a cooler on the deck where it is a warm and cozy 10 degrees and contemplated my options.  I had to take the boy to school and my choices for things that didn't need to be cooked were pretty limited to cold cuts and cherry tomatoes. 


I decided to have breakfast out.  Decaf coffee, 2 poached eggs and steamed spinach with tomatoes (aka a florentine benedict without the egg muffin or hollandaise and tomatoes as the side dish instead of hash browns or grits).  I could use more veg today but I was pretty pleased with the results for Day 6 Meal 1.  Working from Whole Foods now and hoping the power returns soon!

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